Observation 2014 three areas of vertical electricity providers rely on what live

[editor’s note] when the integrated platform to enter the right track, the situation of many vertical electricity supplier is constantly changing. With vip.com’s acquisition of Le bee; the United States submitted IPO application; intime focus to O2O, China pattern of vertical electric field has been very clear, beauty, food, shoes become the three vertical field only. Recently, for billion state power network invite senior electricity supplier on the three vertical business in the field of business model and rely on the analysis of the resources behind.


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beauty rely on traditional Venture Capital Model United States growth rate over 200%

and shoes, food, beauty is almost vertical to rely on the traditional venture capital model developed. Jumei.com as a representative enterprise of beauty in a variety of vertical business also questioned to kill IPO. United States rely on the rapid development of the model is: large-scale advertising + hype to attract a large number of users, and then get a new round of investment sharing, then advertising and topic speculation to attract new users.

with the traditional development mode of venture capital in the short term, jumei.com sales will rise to 817 million dollars, and keep more than 200% annual growth. The United States opened second times the growth rate of number, set up the absolute "boss" position in the vertical field of beauty. Because beauty is a big enough market, both online and offline prices vary greatly, so the online beauty market still has much room for growth, an effect also makes jumei.com the latter have more imagination.

addition, aside from the question of profit data, the United States is also a very small number of domestic electricity supplier to achieve profitability. This is also an important core advantage that can be achieved. From the outside, Tmall and Jingdong and other large electricity supplier integrated platform in the field of beauty makeup are beginning to lag behind the United states. Although the integrated platform is trying to catch up, but the United States gathered polymerization effect has been formed, the market structure should not change in the short term, the broad market for the United States or the United States to provide ample room for development.

excellent shopping network to rely on BELLE group to support the advantages of goods owned

In contrast,

shoes and food industry, Jingdong and Tmall business scale has been great, the market started not later than the vertical.

at present, the apparel vertical electricity supplier basic on the remaining excellent purchase, good music to buy, BELLE spent $200 million to build the apparel business platform. It is reported that BELLE group to occupy the domestic market of 1/3 shoes, men’s shoes also have a share of 1/5, BELLE in the field of sports is Nike, Adidas largest distributor, also has many China District shoes total generation resources. These resources into excellent purchase, can support its foothold.

BELLE CEO Sheng pepper at the recent earnings conference made it clear that the rise of the electricity supplier to the impact of the next line sales. BELLE overall sales growth is not a cyclical problem, but structural problems, the biggest test is how to adapt and develop new channels. Therefore, Future Ltd will focus on the construction of their own online platform excellent purchase >

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