Dangdang continued to push sale concept on line purchase of new flash platform


technology news June 9th afternoon, in the field of sale tasted the sweetness of Dangdang continued to force, the launch of the new flash purchase sale channel has been on the line, the main new flash sale purchase.

dangdang.com clothing division responsible person said, with the traditional flash purchase, new flash sales platform to sell the brand clothing for the new season, keep pace with the speed of the line to push the new shop, more than 7 days is not new.

but with the new line up to 8-9 fold the situation is different, Dangdang new flash purchase on the line of new clothing are sold at 5-7 discount discount price.

talked about on-line purchase of new flash will affect and dangdang.com sinks cause or antagonism with the next line mall, dangdang.com clothing department responsible person said that the purchase of new flash flash sale mode, every day 9 new, new clothing sold only in platform 24 hours, will restore the original price after 24 hours.

it is understood that the current electricity supplier website clothing flash sales are generally poop special offer discounts in the model, ranging from 2-4%, line last 3-7 days, to digest the apparel industry ubiquitous "inventory" pressure, let the supplier promptly return the funds.

Dangdang.com push behind

purchase of new flash clothing market cake has become the electricity supplier of the most delicious meal, benefit from the active layout apparel market, apparel has replaced books, dangdang.com becomes the strategic objectives to achieve high growth category.

According to Dangdang

earnings report, the first category in the book industry occupy the same time, clothing to 100% higher than the growth rate of more than six consecutive quarters of books, the fastest growing category. Among them, in May last year launched a flash purchase business to clothing, baby and other categories of the largest contribution to the growth.

due to the outbreak of the apparel category and the overall performance of the financial market to Dangdang positive response, the share price has doubled from the same period last year less than $5 to more than $10 now, rose by more than 100%. Dangdang.com insiders said that in 2014 the sale concept is the most important strategy of strengthening. (Lin Ming)

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