Sina micro blog to pay the full liberalization of social applications completely electricity supplie


] July 1st evening news billion state power network, Sina micro-blog has just announced that it will fully open payment system, and for the first phase of the business enterprise (i.e. blue V) open acquiring function.

Sina, according to the introduction, after the payment of the application is successful, the relevant users can be released with a commodity card micro-blog, other users can click on the commodity card to complete the micro-blog side of the online purchase.

addition, the user can also enter the relevant account of micro-blog, in the account of the home page to choose goods, services, purchase orders. Complete the payment after the relevant account through the fan service platform to the private letter to communicate with the user in the form Follow-Up Services delivery and other matters.

it is reported that business enterprises through the micro-blog management center can submit self applications, users need to fill in the basic information, business information, financial information. In the application process, businesses need to verify the enterprise Alipay account.

in addition, the individual certification user (orange V) if you have a business qualification, you can also apply for the opening of a single function in the management center.



billion state power network has learned, Sina micro-blog will be on-line trading third party applications around July 10th, businesses and orange V can choose according to their own needs.

in the application process of micro-blog pay special attention, the user can choose to develop their own applications or in the application of the square to select a transaction class applications. Currently, the user can choose the third party applications, including commercial treasure, micro shops, etc., users can use the above application system, to achieve the end of the micro-blog product shelves and order management.

it is worth noting that micro-blog paid for settlement account and deposit system is also disclosed for funding pressure smaller businesses, you can use the "T+15" settlement, no need to pay a deposit; for higher liquidity needs of the enterprise, you can choose T+0 day settlement, but need to pay 20 thousand yuan deposit.


it is understood that in late 7, Sina micro-blog will also be launched for ordinary users to pay for products and features, thereby expanding the micro-blog to pay for individual users to open up efforts to improve the micro-blog payment system. This also means that all applications and audit micro-blog accounts will have the ability to collect and deal.

It is reported that in January this year, sina

, micro-blog and Alipay jointly launched mobile payment products to pay micro-blog. At this stage, Sina micro-blog has paid and sea fishing, millet, Meizu, Iqiyi, Guevara, thunder, catering, retail, Internet business contact, trying to pay channel from multiple entrance to seize.

analysts also pointed out that sina micro-blog after being held by Alibaba, electricity supplier significantly increased the brand. And WeChat pay just pay off the skin similar to the same, micro-blog payment with >

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