Low cost strategy of WeChat marketing

if you want to ask me the best platform for new media operations, I still do not hesitate to choose WeChat.


do new media, in fact, is doing marketing.

new media marketing, is for business management services,

new media operators, is to do one thing: to make friends with the user.

these three views, through the 2016 operation of dozens of new media marketing case, in my new media ideology, has been more fully verified and practice.

today, if you want to ask me the best platform for new media operations, I still do not hesitate to choose WeChat.

in many new media platforms, WeChat is absolutely the highest coverage, the highest cost of tools, no one.

short video and live in the last year, so the fire, but the classic case of the really famous, you said a few? Which areas of the red anchor? Over the years, a lot of app, you have to uninstall it? Every day has been a concern for large, is that a few


not all of the tuyere are worth chasing, or it will become the trend.

is not to say that the short video and live is not worth playing, these can be used for us, and behind these tools to support the role of the play, in fact, the new media marketing system and strategy.

year, many enterprises are to build a new media marketing system, I often receive such paid consulting, over the past two years, to build the company not less than 10 of the new media system, from the core to the carrier matrix, from architecture to operation and management team, has accumulated a little experience: in fact, some of the money you don’t have to spend, in fact, even more money should be spent on again.

today this article is valuable, welcome to discuss.

2016, the number of public play a part of the body in large numbers, that is the individual public number to join the public, entrepreneurial team, the vast majority of large and medium-sized enterprises brand standard.

as of 2017 today, WeChat users is estimated to have exceeded 700 million, the total number of the brand accounts exceeded 10 million, among them, 25% open WeChat WeChat users every day more than 30 times, every 55.2% WeChat users open WeChat more than 10 times.

is one of the main public service of WeChat, nearly 80% users of WeChat public attention; enterprises and media object public account is the main concern of users, the proportion is as high as 73.4%; the main purpose is to obtain information users focus on the public number 41.1%, second is to facilitate the life of the 36.9% and the 13.7% learning knowledge.

now open a certified public number of shops to sell things, just like ten years ago to open a Taobao shop means that if you start today, but there is no public

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