Where is the material network Analysis of image material network operation mode

if you want to participate in the operation of a material download site, if you are running such a site, you may have to ask yourself – there is no way, where is the road?

current network advertising design picture material network has four modes of operation. The four mode reflects the way, web site operators from their own advantages of resources and the choice of however, which one is the future development direction of this industry? What kind of

is more likely to succeed?

a, the original forum or portal station based material Station – material station must be independent and technical upgrade

mode: Based on the original BBS or portal station, to expand the new block of material station

representative: Red moving China, Vision China

advantage: its own BBS forum or portal can bring a certain degree of visibility and human traffic

Lack of

: planning and the division is not clear, to give visitors a chaotic, unprofessional feeling. In the process of operation, it is easy to lose to and scattered resources lead to rise above the common herd.

this type of site from the long-term development, we must make a choice, is a gradual transition into a pure material to download the network, or just download the material as a master station to increase the popularity and access to the channel. As a pure material download network development direction, and ultimately to the independent station, will the existing site structure and database and domain name etc. due to disturbances of Web site operators and decision makers, facing technology upgrading. At the same time, if there is no strong technical strength and planning capabilities, this transition will cause a great loss of popularity of the site traffic. If it is not independent, then it as a material download station, it is absolutely impossible to succeed.

two, the public type of meager profit material Download Network – the amount is more than the burden of material quality management is the key

mode: members upload, Download points, recharge revenue

: nipic, I


advantages: large amount of material, technology is more mature

: professional is not strong, it is increasingly difficult for designers to find the material they want

nipic material quality management is not strict. At least 90% of the material library is completely deleted. If it continues to maintain its leading position, it must be a large selection of its material, otherwise it will be more and more junk material, and increase its operating costs. Designers have been difficult to choose the material they want, few people have the patience to turn over 50 pages.

I’m Tutu

compared with the nipic, similar in nature. This type of site to upgrade the user experience and the quality of the material, this upgrade is not a technical staff, but the direction of the senior advertising design expert.

three, free station – where is the profit point? If not, how to maintain the


mode: free download based

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