QQ group rankings to optimize the strategy of how to do

talked about the QQ group ranked the screen, first to clarify the concept, some just contact QQ group of friends may not know, the so-called QQ group ranked the screen, is when your customers search QQ group of a keyword, the search results appear in front of the group in the QQ group, all or part of all is our own group.


As shown in figure

: this group ranking screen example, is not very shocking effect? The effect is self-evident, traffic rushing, all know why QQ group is a small Baidu. The amplification effect, increase exposure opportunities and monopoly industries. So the following meters on the QQ group for many years to share the experience of how to share the strategy of the screen


QQ group ranking PA screen strategy: whether anyone do QQ group ranked the screen, basically have to face a problem, that is the problem of the QQ group in the allocation of resources, after all, we are not a Tencent, so we each have a QQ group is limited. 18, the 1000, or the 1000, at this time we have to consider how to distribute the QQ group, and the final allocation, it depends on our QQ group ranking screen strategy.

1, single key single area PA screen

Keywords single

single area of the screen, we put this key area to the screen, for example, we are now in the city is the city of Zhengzhou, then I want to do "Baidu know to delete the key words, now I have 500, I can place more focus on the location of Zhengzhou, the other where there is less. In this way, once the customer search in Zhengzhou area, Baidu know delete this keyword, then basically all of us.

2, single key multi area tyrant screen

took this keyword for example, such as the word in Zhengzhou’s largest group of group is only 1000 people only, we can do 5 to 10 is good, then the north and a few first-tier cities or provincial capital can be about 3, second tier city 1 to 2 is enough, if is there is no need to set up a remote area.

3, multi keyword single area tyrant screen

is actually not difficult to understand, you can do the relevant keywords in the industry, set the name of different groups of different, each group according to the key words to heat is good with reasonable clustering number.

4, multi keyword multi area tyrant screen

generally, how much area keywords PA screen people, basically are cattle, they have many groups, and relates to many industries, each industry has many groups, and these groups are doing well, income is considerable. Of course, with this strategy, to achieve this effect, basically is the natural development and the result of accumulation, not anxious.

QQ group on the optimization of the rankings to the strategy of how to do the screen, we simply talk about these, as to what kind of strategy >

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