My view on the promotion of Chinese shoe brand network

this article is based on the current situation of the current situation of China’s shoe bag brand network and the industry competition department to develop a set of promotion Fang case, you can refer to the guidance of the oh. The requirements of different industries, promotion methods also have different choices, the key is to promote each kind of website monitoring, analysis of the site to see what kind of promotion of the fastest and most effective way. The site is now 2252451 of the site is a reference to the site after the site I have the following optimization promotion program:

basic website optimization:

SEO will make a website promotion optimization of basic construction of website, the website has the following disadvantages:

1 home page is too complicated, there is no emphasis on the home page to attract the most visitors to the image module also did not add hyperlinks;

Optimization: combined with the characteristics of the company relocated "module, I think we can put the appropriate information on supply and demand, business opportunities and channels of information in the information industry front; the picture flashing module and the corresponding hyperlink, and then write your own text introduction, text should combine page keywords to write;

2 in addition to the home page of the title of each page, web page keywords, and the content of the introduction of a unified monotonous, can not be effective on the web page description, there is no specific keywords to search engine grab.

optimization method: each page for an effective summary, mainly from the key words to consider, and pay attention to the different requirements of the search engine, the arrangement of keywords is also different

promotion program:

1 to the web site to all search engines above, so that search engines to crawl the content of the site faster.

2 by way of a combination of the current hot issues of the blog to attract long-term stability of the amount of IP access to the company’s website.

The site has 3

every day to update or add some related with the content of the website ", but did not set good keywords, it should be improved, and gradually will release all of the pages of articles and other related articles to add some blogs and websites (articles with hyperlinks to the company website), achieve the purpose of the chain.

4 in the major web portals and related industries to create a blog website shoe bag open paste and other ways to attract the visitors to the site, but not rigid advertisers, preferably through a variety of software and software group group posted on ways to attract other users to your blog, the appropriate use of each brush tool. Website traffic and website ranking, but can not be too radical.

5 to find the relevant customer contact point to point to promote the use of a variety of different software for different groups of mass advertising.

6 can post questions in the search engine module, and will ask the label first appears in the search ranking of.

7 creates hot events: this method can be used in

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