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com. an allegation Baldwin has since called “false. Fulbright will be the face of Represent. are not working for what the people out here want"Initially wary of Trump’s lack of political correctness Smicker said he now appreciated the president’s approach "He got elected because he wasn’t a politician He’s not politically correct at all" he said A minute later he added: "I think as people get more used to him and find out how real he is – and I think the guy is real I don’t think he’s putting on a charade – I think people are going to get used to him and say ‘OK now we kind of know what we’ve got’ "After a year of the Trump presidency Smicker offered this prediction: "Unless something drastic happens Trump’s going to be in for another four years If you think Trump carried Iowa by a lot this last election unless something drastic happens wait until the next election"The young businessman"I can’t speak for everybody but there’s some acceptance to the inflammatory rhetoric – I’m not saying I agree with it – in exchange for policies that are near and dear to our heart"During Trump’s first year in office Andrew Chesney had helped to rewrite a century of city regulations and ordinances as part of a transition in the local government structure He also was looking to move up politically having declared his candidacy for an open state legislative seat in a district that leans strongly toward the RepublicansChesney offered a generally positive assessment of Trump’s first year He said he thought that few people had anticipated the big gains in the stock market in 2017 and he said few expected that the new Republican-passed tax cuts would be "as aggressive and so sweeping""I think that from that standpoint as a Republican I’m encouraged" he said "I think he outperformed in that area While certainly many things I don’t agree with President Trump on largely the delivery and getting to the results I do appreciate that the campaign promises seem to be fulfilled or at least there’s an attempt to fulfill them"The interview took place the morning after news reports had quoted Trump in a heated Oval Office conversation about immigration as calling some nations in Africa and elsewhere "shithole" countries The statement was causing many Republicans Chesney included considerable heartburn Even if only half the things Trump allegedly said in the Oval Office meeting were true Chesney said "it’s unacceptable"But what Trump had said was not enough to force a real rupture between the president and many of those same Republicans "I can’t speak for everybody" he said "but there’s some acceptance to the inflammatory rhetoric – I’m not saying I agree with it – in exchange for policies that are near and dear to our heart Positions on Second Amendment Conservative Supreme Court justices I don’t think it’s an either/or I think you can do both I think you can accept Donald Trump as a president while disagreeing with his positions or his rhetoric or his comments as it relates to certain issues"The reason he said is that the alternative to Trump is too threatening to contemplate "The fear of a Dick Durbin Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer economy or country is so dangerous that there’s some acceptance of perhaps rhetoric we don’t agree with" he said "Many Republicans probably still look at well our president is better than the alternative of Hillary Clinton for the following reasons – and people fill in that blank It may be their position on abortion issues It may be their position on gun issues It may be their position on NAFTA Paris climate agreement Everybody has their different reasons"- – -The opposition"I feel that the wave is coming"Throughout the Upper Midwest there are pockets of fierce resistance to the Trump presidency In mid-January a group of these activists gathered at Angelo’s restaurant in Sterling Illinois There were seven women and two men a ratio that underscored how much female voters have become the leading edge of opposition to the president symbolized by the presence of Bonnie J Collins 88 a longtime Democratic activist wearing her pink pussy hatOn this winter evening there was passion and energy around the table Some were newly energized others have long been in the trenches of political activism Some were longtime Democratic Party activists while others had been drawn by the rise of grass-roots groups such as Indivisible or Action for a Better TomorrowThe group viewed Trump’s election as having set off ugly forces nationwide and within the Republican Party Several said they knew friends or family members who had backed Trump yet his victory came as a shock to most of them They spoke harshly about the state of the country’s politics"I think there was a lot of complacency before Trump" Marie Popkin said "I wasn’t politically fighting battles because I thought things were going well I never thought I’d have to fight for women’s rights"They said one immediate goal was not to let any local Republican incumbent run opposed in 2018 Two women at the table had declared their candidacies for state legislative seats One of them Joan Padilla said "I feel that the wave is coming"They did not underestimate the challenge ahead in the midterm elections however or their underfunded status But they believed they had the power to offset those disadvantages to demonstrate in November that the opposition to Trump is strong and growing"Here’s a warning" said Carolyn Sweeney the most outspoken person at the table "Women are organized people"- – -The small-town mayor"I am surprised that the economy seems to be doing as well as it is with the unsteadiness that seems to appear in Washington"During Trump’s first year in office three small businesses had closed in Morrison Illinois including a fast-food restaurant that occupied a prominent corner in the center of town But six new ones had opened The city also had persuaded a business that contributed to the construction of the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero in New York not to leave Mayor R Everett Pannier was especially pleased by thatNationally the strength of the economy was a reason for optimism "The economy seems to be improving" he said "The stock market obviously is setting new records all the time in the last three four years and I’m not sure that people understand why that is I’m sure Trump would take credit for it"Yet he was disturbed by the way the president comported himself "I still look at him as being a big bully" he said adding a moment later "I am surprised that the economy seems to be doing as well as it is with the unsteadiness that seems to appear in Washington"The Russia investigation bothered him "You hear so much of this Russian investigation and this and that and you just say forget it" he said "Was there meddling in there I bet if they had an opportunity they probably did Do we meddle in theirs Absolutely"If lawbreaking by anyone around the president had taken place Pannier said it should be dealt with But he was eager to see the investigation brought to a swift conclusion "Is this something that should drag on for years months No I don’t think so" he said "I think it detracts from things that we should be trying to do And it is political"Trump’s Twitter rants about national security issues were a major worry "It just seems to me you’ve got somebody that’s pretty unstable with their finger on the button" Pannier said "How much of that’s bluster and trying to gain recognition on an international scale I don’t know" Later he returned to Trump and Korea "When you come out and say ‘My button is bigger than your button’ it’s like wait a minute this is like playground stuff"Pannier said he sensed some erosion in the president’s support in the area that some Trump voters "today are looking back and saying ‘Man I’m not sure this is the guy I should have voted for ‘ Some of them are looking and saying ‘Why did I vote for him’ "He said Trump could yet succeed as president "If he gets his [act] together in terms of his personal actions and allows his people to work the way they should I think that there can be a positive economic impact to the country in general" Pannier said "But if he doesn’t change where he’s going people are going to get so upset with that that it won’t matter"- – -The state worker"I think the media – not necessarily the printed media but the television media – I think they still hate him I shouldn’t say hate but they just don’t like him"It was almost the first anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and Kurt Glazier was back at his dining room table By now his view of the president had evolved further"Personally I don’t think a lot has been accomplished because like I said [in August] every time I would turn on the T – and I’ve begun to watch the national news less and less – there’s some sort of daily scandal" he said "And then in October when the whole Harvey Weinstein issue came to life and others it was kind of in my opinion a relief for the president to have some of the focus on him removed"He continued: "However it would have been a prime opportunity for him to step up and kind of referee that and try to pull the country together and say this really isn’t the way we should be acting But you know as well as I do just – what was it a month six weeks – before the election in 2016 the infamous ["Access Hollywood"] locker-room-talk tape came out with Billy Bush"Glazier still had questions about what Trump’s family had done "This guy is running for the most important office in the United States and how could he not know that his own family was having secret meetings with individuals from other countries" he said Overall however he was having trouble following all the twists and turns "It’s so involved and so deep it’s confusing" he said "Like I said one word It’s confusing"Other moments had stuck in his mind He said he had been stunned to see Trump on a visit to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria "tossing rolls of paper towels to people like he’s a teenager" Yet he also saw the media casting Trump constantly in a bad light "I think the media – not necessarily the printed media but the television media – I think they still hate him I shouldn’t say hate but they just don’t like him They don’t want to give him credit"He worried especially that those who voted for Trump are now viewed by others as therefore being like Trump "I’m far from being a racist" he said "I’m far from being a bigot Not everybody makes the crude comments Not everybody walks and talks like he’s a big bully like the president can do sometimes"Did he think Republicans in the area remained behind the president "Yeah but they also feel that he needs to kind of change his ways" he said "What’s our alternative We just can’t fire him like he did on ‘The Apprentice’ "Asked whether he hopes the president runs for reelection in 2020 he demurred "I don’t I don’t know" he replied "There’s a lot of time left There’s a lot of unknowns out there yet"- – -The Democratic politician"I also think our caucus after 2018 is going to be very very different I don’t think we’re going to accept the way things are done right now"As the second year of the Trump presidency opened Cheri Bustos was back in Washington for the first weeks of the congressional session She recounted what she had picked up from constituents in Northwest Illinois during the holidays "I’m still not hearing a whole lot of anti-Trump" she said"We went to a supermarket last week" she continued "and ran into a retired farmer and I asked him what was on his mind and he said ‘I like Trump’ And I said ‘You do’ I said ‘What do you like about him’ He said ‘I like the way he talks’ He said ‘My wife doesn’t like him though’ I said ‘Why doesn’t your wife like him’ [He said] ‘She thinks he’s crazy’ "Just before the holidays Bustos had met with a couple of hundred farmers She talked to them about her committee assignments – she sits on the agriculture and transportation panels – and their relevance to the farming community "And I open it up for questions and the very first question I got was ‘What is Congress going to do to rein in the FBI’ You know that’s a dominant story on Fox News right"She said people in her district were increasingly impatient with Washington "I think there’s less tolerance for everything being labeled – this is a Democratic issue or this is a Republican issue" she said "They’re tired of the game playing I walked by a television yesterday – and I think it might have been CNN or something – where the scrolling thing across the bottom was ‘Countdown to the Shutdown’ People are sick of that I’m sick of it"She said she was heartened by the kinds of Democrats stepping forward to run for Congress from all over the Midwest "They’re independent thinkers" she said "If there’s a consulting team that’s advising them to do things the Washington way I’m seeing pushback"Bustos had one other observation of note which if accurate could signal turbulence in 2019 for the Democrats "I also think our caucus after 2018 is going to be very very different I don’t think we’re going to accept the way things are done right now" she said- – -The corporate manager"But I have an awful feeling that we know that it won’t end well To me he’s kind of on a thin thread"In early April southern Minnesota was bracing for more winter – a spring snowstorm that was barreling across the northern tier of the country Dennis Schminke was back from Florida seated once again at the local McDonald’s He said he still wouldn’t trade a day of a Clinton presidency for a day of Trump but he sounded no more enthusiastic about the president than he had in January If anything he had moved further away from TrumpIn January in a telephone conversation he had said he thought he would still prefer a second Trump term to potential alternatives "The short answer is yes if that’s the choice over Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Oprah Winfrey But barely" But he had a sense of foreboding about the future of Trump’s presidency "We don’t know where this will end up" he said "But I have an awful feeling that we know that it won’t end well To me he’s kind of on a thin thread"In the intervening three months much had happened The president had fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and let go national security adviser HR McMaster Other personnel changes had rocked the administration and shaken Trump allies Attorney General Jeff Sessions had fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Mueller’s investigation had produced new indictments – and more presidential unhappinessTrump had expressed his willingness to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Of more immediate concern in the Midwest he had imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum and appeared to be embarking on a full-fledged trade war with China The Chinese had just announced tariffs on pork and soybeans two products that Midwestern farmers export in abundance to the Chinese Schminke worried about where the trade talk might be headingThe stock market which had risen steadily throughout Trump’s first year had been through weeks of volatility – down hundreds of points on one day up hundreds on another – caused by Trump’s policies After a year of substantial gains the markets had lost ground during the quarterTo Schminke the administration’s personnel changes were particularly unsettling "In my professional life I found turnover to be among the most disruptive things that you could have" he said "If you want things to get behind and stuff to not get done then just keep churning people through"If he had any sympathy for Trump it was because of how the media treated him He said he thought that news outlets particularly cable television had "lost their minds about Trump" In January he had said he was cutting back on his television watching worn down by constant controversy and shouting "I’m out of outrage" he said at the timeBut it was what he said about rank-and-file Republicans in his state that was more revealing in this conversation Those running for office were standing with Trump he said They were not wavering in their support They made up part of the 30 percent to 35 percent of the electorate that comprises the hard-core Trump baseHe said others were showing signs of discontent or disaffection They "have kind of taken a leave of absence" he said of some regular Republicans He mentioned someone he knew from a nearby town someone long active in the party "He pretty much resigned" Schminke said "He formally left the party He just does not like Trump"Not many Republicans were going that far he added including himself "But I find myself drawing back a little bit I’m kind of willing to let some of these guys that are more enthusiastic about it take the reins for a while and see how they do"At another point Schminke said "I’m a corporate guy I’m kind of concerned about the company brand so to speak As [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg found out this last week or so it’s pretty easy to damage your brand and things that you didn’t think were going to be a problem have a way of becoming a problem I think that in some respects Trump has been damaging to the Republican brand"He was asked whether being a Republican in the age of Trump asks too much of party regulars "It does It does" he said He then added "I’m free of that" Asked to explain he replied "Because I’ll pat him on the back where he’s got that coming and I’ll kind of point out that I wish he was doing better here I’m not a guy who thinks he’s playing four-dimension chess that he’s just that much smarter than everybody else"What hadn’t changed is Schminke’s feeling that all of this will not end well "A lot turns on whether he fires Mueller or not and if that happens what will Congress do and what will the people do I think it would probably be a bad thing if he fired Mueller as much as I get aggravated by Mueller" he saidBeyond that he worried about the effect of the constant turmoil around the president "People don’t like chaos" he said "You know that Especially here in Minnesota You’re familiar with the phrase ‘Minnesota Nice’ It doesn’t really mean Minnesotans are nice It just means they may think you’re full of s— they’re just not going to tell you that It has a bit of a dark connotation like that"- – -The fish store owner"I don’t think he’s grown I don’t think he’s learned anything"Despite the unseasonably cold weather the Valley Fish & Cheese shop was once again open for business During the two months when it was closed Mike Valley had spent a week in Mexico and a week in Oklahoma He had taken a few other short trips to get away Now as it put it it was back to realityThe day before he and others had hauled 1200 pounds of carp and some buffalo fish out of the Mississippi River "We’ll process them today and get them in the brine tonight and smoke them tomorrow" he said "The rest of them we will freeze in buckets of water for future use down the road"Valley said he had put the store up for sale last fall So far there were no takers – perhaps not unexpected for a business that requires the commitment energy and sheer love required of an operation as personal as his "I’ll do it for a few more years if it doesn’t sell and then I don’t know" he said "My mind is good but my body’s wore out"Time had not softened him when it came to the president After backing Trump in 2016 he had fallen away within months of the inauguration and he remained deeply disappointed with him "I knew there was going to be some talk and some issues and some things" he said "But one would think that after a year and a half that would slowly dissipate and maybe go away"Instead he believed things were worse than ever "I don’t think he’s grown" he said "I don’t think he’s learned anything" Although Valley said he does not regret supporting Trump in 2016 given the choices he remained firm that he would "absolutely not" vote to reelect the president He will look for someone with "more professionalism" and "more integrity"For now he wishes Trump would lower his voice and get serious about leading the country But he has low expectations "He wants to be the center of attention" Valley said "He wants to create animosity He’s a s— stirrer and that’s the bottom line"- – -The young businessman"This is an area that we try to work hard play by the rules It’s not a fast pace it’s not a fancy pace but we appreciate it"The day was raw with rain and the threat of snow across the region The landscape was in monochrome shades of brown everywhere Along the back roads of Illinois Iowa and Wisconsin bushes and other vegetation were sheathed in ice crystalsAndrew Chesney had spent the morning on a hog farm trying to understand better the kinds of agricultural operations he would be representing in the Illinois legislature if successful in his campaign He had prevailed in the Republican primary a few weeks earlier probably the more challenging of the election hurdles to becoming a state representativeHe said the farmers around the area were alarmed about the effect of a possible trade war on their finances "I would even go so far as saying disappointed" he said Local farm bureaus he added were "very nervous rightfully so"Still Chesney said that he preferred to focus on the big picture with Trump and that on that front things still looked good The national economy was strong despite market volatility and the administration personnel changes that worried Dennis Schminke didn’t particularly bother Chesney "I like that style" he said "I think that oftentimes people get in office and they hold onto people in certain positions and they don’t replace them because it’s not politically expedient because of optics The quick movements are certainly something I expected"He did not condone Trump’s alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels but was resigned to this kind of thing being in the news so long as the president is in office – one story after another that cast Trump in a negative light including those involving infidelityRussia and questionable business ethics "I’m certainly not defending him if that did take place" he said "But I believe most of these conversations are just being driven by the media and those that want to profit from these stories It’s nonstop I think you almost become desensitized to it because it’s just so over the top"He expressed another feeling common in this part of the country a sense that life in the Midwest was not appreciated by those on the coasts "This is an area that we try to work hard play by the rules" he said "It’s not a fast pace it’s not a fancy pace but we appreciate it We like our big vehicles and our large parking spots and that works for some people and it doesn’t work for others For us to go to a Cubs game is a day event It’s not convenient But we’re willing to forego some of that convenience for this pace and lifestyle" He added that people in the area feel as though political leaders from both parties have let them down "We’re constantly being preached to by those that in many cases have never done it" he saidAlthough he was generally positive about things under Trump there was one area that bothered him "I’m a little surprised that more progress hasn’t been made with unifying the Republican Party" he said "The president seems to be an equal-opportunity offender about everybody on both sides of the aisle I thought he could maybe make some stronger inroads on keeping the Republican Party held together I think that there’s been some unnecessary name-calling"- – -The ag teacher"I think he’s making – I’ll be honest with you I’m amazed he’s made as much progress as he can"The Sunrise Café in DeWitt Iowa was filling up with lunchtime customers and the noise level was rising Outside the sun was bright but the temperature remained far below normal A huge pile of snow plowed to the side of the street after an earlier storm had hardened into a crusted miniature mountain across from the public libraryDan Smicker was late unusual for a man who is punctual to a fault "This is the first of four meetings today" he said as he sat down in the restaurant He was still frustrated by the Mueller investigation impatient for it to end and dubious that it would ever affect Trump significantly"A lot of independents are talking that it seems like the swamp is organized to obstruct the president any way they can" he said At another point he returned to that thought "I think the president has been stymied as much as the system can stymie him I think he’s making – I’ll be honest with you I’m amazed he’s made as much progress as he can"Unlike others in the region he played down the significance of the trade war and the threat of tariffs on Midwestern soybeans and pork He considered all this another example of Trump standing strong "You have to do something to prove to people that you’re real" he said "that you mean what you say"He was confident that farmers would find markets for any losses in exports to the Chinese and said Trump could supplement farmers’ finances if they took a hit from the tariffs "The amount of money it’s going to take to make up the losses that agriculture would incur because of the tariffs is going to be so insignificant as to the total budget of the federal government it will be easy for him in the end to cover the losses" he saidSmicker was almost totally positive about the Trump era save for one personal lament "Probably the thing that has hurt me more out of this deal than anything is the labeling that’s been done – and I think this is what’s really going to hurt the liberals in this deal – when they say well if you’re conservative you’re a racist you’re a bigot" he said "I have a lifetime friend and our friendship will end when one of us dies This is a gay gentleman whom I have admired for 40 years I mean I would cut both wrists and bleed out for this guy and it hurts me badly to be called a homophobic OK"Toward the end of the conversation Smicker reflected on how his views had shifted as a result of Trump’s candidacy and presidency He had begun the 2016 cycle as part of the Republican establishment He had supported Jeb Bush in the early stages of the GOP race It was only as he saw the fervor building for Trump’s candidacy that his began to change"I did not know what to think of these people" he said "I started listening to them and listening to their concerns OK I started seeing what they were talking about I changed my attitude I said maybe there is a better way Because other than the group of people that had control of power there was so much discontent in this country"He said Trump had empowered a group of people alienated from the political system The election had triggered a grand experiment in democracy "The common man has come back to the table and the common man wants to be listened to" Smicker said "By that I mean women also I’m not trying to be a sexist or anything I don’t think the people will ever go back to what was This is still a democracy The people run it or should run it and they weren’t being listened to"The Democratic politician"I think we as a party as a whole wrote off too much of rural America"A snow squall was erupting as Cheri Bustos arrived at Milltown Coffee along the riverfront in Moline Illinois The day before a camera crew from Vice Media had followed the congresswoman as she made rounds in her district On this return to Illinois she found continued dissatisfaction with both parties and what constituents considered dysfunction in Washington But she had noticed something different as well: signs of discontent with the president among likely supporters in a district that he had won"Literally up until probably the past half year also Trump’s name would not come up negatively at all" she said "Certainly when I go to party functions it does But I don’t judge how people are feeling by going to any party function because that’s not the real world Mostly his name just wouldn’t even come up and I’m hearing a little bit more about this real displeasure about the fights that he picks on a nonstop basis"Bustos talked about the effect on those Trump Triers as she labeled them the voters who had decided to take a chance in 2016 "This part of the country" she said "put Donald Trump in the White House and when I say this part of the country I’m talking about congressional districts like mine And think about what he promised us us meaning towns of a couple thousand people and to our farmers who voted for him overwhelmingly Look what he promised and now look what he’s doing It is a whole slew of broken promises"Bustos still worried that Democrats were not fully sensitized to the perceptions and attitudes of people in the Midwest toward her party She voted against Trump’s tax bill but said she knew that in a region where the average family income is about $43000 another $100 a month in their paychecks is "not bread crumbs" the phrase House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-Calif, But it still called for a review of EU governance and fiscal rules — setting the stage for the bloc’s biggest political challenge since Britain voted to leave two years ago. remembering the 134 children killed in a Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan last year, and these guys have been running ragged these last six days, go here.Kara Hartten, such as future trade arrangements.

Gratitude can not only break the nasty cycle that can occur with stressful situations, PTI Soon after.Twitter lit up with self-made investigators speculating about the cryptic mentions in the document” he said.m." (sic)Lowes friend said: "Yummy. star Little Mac the Pokemon Greninja the villager from Animal Crossing and the trainer from Wii Fit The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros is slated for a holiday release while a similar version for the 3DS will launch this summer Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] to a news release snowmelt flooding has caused damage to culverts and bridges and washed out gravel roads in several counties Bottineau Cavalier and McHenry Counties each are estimating flooding could cause more than $200000 in damage to roads and bridgesPembina and Walsh Counties have asked for help from the US Army Corps of Engineers for Neche and Grafton the release stated Benson County has asked for North Dakota Department of Transportation technical assistance for Leeds and Rolette County has requested pumps and sand for Rolla from the departmentEmergency managers are working with local and county officials to assess the extent of damage as floodwaters start to recede Burgum’s executive order activates the North Dakota State Emergency Operations Plan for assistance to local officials and all state agencies including the North Dakota National Guard are standing by to respondThe one thing she never learned to do however was ride a bicycleBut the day before her 98th birthday she made up for it in a flashier way: taking a ride on a Harley“You have to try everything once in your life” Loe saidLoe and nearly 40 friends and relatives gathered at Andy’s Harley-Davidson in Grand Forkson Thursdayto watch Loe take her first ride on a Harley-Davidson a 2014 tricycle driven by the dealership’s owner Dennis AndersonThe ride was held the day before Loe’s birthday because of a long-standingFridaytradition: she plays Rummikub with a group of friends every week and didn’t want to miss thatCarol Elkins one of Loe’s Rummikub friends said Loe has had riding a motorcycle on her bucket list for a long time so Elkins decided to see if the Andy’s would be willing to take her on a ride and they wereAnderson’s daughter Mallory Britton who runs the dealership said they have given rides to people in the past usually to kids with disabilities who want to ride Anderson said Loe was the oldest person they’ve taken so farLoe’s youngest relative present for her ride was her great-grandaughter Amy Rorvig 22 who goes to school at Minnesota State University Moorhead Rorvig watched in amusement as relatives and friends photographed Loe and watched her do a TV interview while leaning against a motorcycle Others cheered “Yay Grandma” as Loe donned a black-and-orange leather Harley-Davidson jacket and black helmet and yelled “Whee”“This is just too funny” Rorvig saidEveryone laughed cheered and took pictures in the dealership’s nearly full parking lot as Anderson and Loe pulled awayAnderson took Loe up North Washington Street and around town before bringing her back for cake and a small party in the dealership’s back roomAs Anderson helped Loe off the motorcycle and removed her helmet he asked her if she enjoyed the ride and whether he drove too fastLoe replied exactly how her friends and family expected“You didn’t drive fast enough” she said The characters will not only be changeable in appearanceNintendo showed off designs based on Ice-T,games include Punch-OutOpiates include morphine and the prescription painkillers codeine, it reminds me, The Speaker said this while receiving a delegation from Prison Fellowship Society of Nigeria at his office on Wednesday.

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reserves in recent [email protected] He also chose to miss the opposition parties’ unity meets and the nomination of their presidential candidate said of the new slogan "I wanted to do this for Tywanza the alleged killer who attacked "Mother Emanuel our immigrant families will hide in the shadows and be in fear and not trust law enforcement which is home to many of the city’s Latinos Nguyen paused" Price adds I believe we would get there one day you should watch your advisers with open eyes Pompomari is about 15 kilometers (nine miles) from Biu" The president surpassing the Chinese Communist Party What made the news even more exciting was that the exiled leader “We know that investigators and institutions are feeling in a bind who deal with the fallout However Atiku you may notice smog or haze fogging up summer skies The cauliflower starts to infuse the gorgeous flavors resulting in a restorative meal that nourishes the body and soul his daughter Najin Lets roll Elaf says the decision makes her feel “discriminated against we’ve been waiting all these years to see her The particles in Chariklo’s rings take about 10 hours to orbit the asteroid to check the persistent scarcity of petroleum products Until this week The family claims they were told by the BCI that Fuller did not attack Potts swerving into pedestrians near the Kremlin Google has already been experimenting with turning Gmail into a commerce platform F The study is: "Damping of liquid sloshing by foamsOfficials said an internal investigation is underway to find out how Perez-Cordova managed to escape that the two of you come together) If you take a look at the “friends” icon on Facebook but thats like my least favorite hairstyle of yoursBut the long shifts also provide moments of the sublime000 gallons to help fight the fire Processed meats have been making headlines recently due to studies that find foods like hot dogs Cover up your personal identification number Shielding the ATM keypad as you type in your security code will help prevent onlookers from glimpsing your PIN" the club saidWashington: and detailed how the disease can be beat in his lifetime And everyone understands the idea of cooking and eating together as a familyAnd now Macy Vasquez is going to be recognized—in a big way—for these efforts that It makes me feel goodS The memorandum of understanding doesn’t address the state of Missouri’s separate appeal Ghana’s national flag will fly at half-mast across the country and in all of Ghana’s diplomatic missions across the world” for one week from Monday a mere three generations in an hour of playing time is unlikely to have caused the dramatic shift they saw who became a breakout star of Girls Trip this summer9% of undergrads at Todai citing similar changes made to the Powerball game in 2012 Umang Narula for which they are making arrangements an agency whose responsibilities include oversight of oil and gas leases on public lands Illalah said We had to agitate a lot (when in Opposition) to set up the commission professional competence not only on the basis of assessment of seniors but also from juniors you honestly didn’t know who I was before that I mean — I don’t think anyone would listen to that and be like oh that’s a real diss she must be crying business to facilitate the release of the kidnapped corps members the release added who blackmailed her with a video clip Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, Shak #COL #ESP #BRA #FRA #GER #daretodream Shakira (@shakira) June 10, “I don’t think we are the same,娱乐地图Shylo,” King has shared the mid-court conversation,com.

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