by FFWPU USA On September 10 2015 Generation Pe

first_imgby FFWPU USA: On September 10, 2015, Generation Peace Academy (GPA) launched its new year with a kickoff workshop held at the Unification Theological Seminary. The first three days were designed to get participants out of their comfort zones, open their hearts and make a sincere and long-lasting commitment. Activities were challenging, both physically and emotionally, challenging the participants to push through various obstacles. Their motivation had to be clear, and they had to dig deep. As a result, they created strong bonds of heart as a new group of 57 Unificationist-born young people ready to embark on their journey together.The following three days were designed to help the participants to discover their true purpose and intentions. Inspirational speaker Tasnah Moyer, an alumna of GPA and its predecessor, STF (Special Task Force), facilitated the process through a series of talks and activities developed to help them look far ahead. Where will they be in five, 10 or even 30 years? What kind of person will they be, what kind of relationships, lifestyle and family will they have? As they examined their unique strengths and gifts, they began to think about what unique contribution they will be making to the world. By looking far ahead, they were able to more powerfully and clearly set their intentions for this GPA year.The next days were spent exploring the Divine Principle, through reading directly from the book, receiving lectures from Mrs. Christine Froehlich, having discussions and asking questions. Many of them testified that their hearts had never been so open and moved by the power of the DP.On their final day at UTS the participants were blessed by the visits of both FFWPU Continental Director Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and FFWPU-USA President Dr. Michael Balcomb. Dr. Kim emphasized the value of this year in order to develop spiritual power and make bonds of heart with one another. He encouraged the participants to look far into the future, beyond their GPA year.Dr. Balcomb spoke about the importance of the generational transition, and how young Unificationists have to catch the baton well that older Unificationists until now have been carrying.The new teams are now headed out on their first fundraising condition for two weeks. The three goals of the GPA program are (1) to develop a lasting, personal relationship with God and True Parents, (2) to understand, exemplify and share the Divine Principle and (3) to be empowered to uniquely impact the world.last_img

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