Datalogics Datalogics provides bestofbreed PDF

first_imgDatalogics: Datalogics provides best-of-breed PDF technologies for developers. The Adobe PDF Library is a multi-platform API offering a wide range of PDF manipulation and printing capabilities, with Adobe’s staple color and font accuracy. PDF Java Toolkit is a pure Java API with robust support for PDF forms and digital signatures.PDF Tools: PDF Tools provides PDF solutions supporting the entire PDF and PDF/A process including conversion, validation, rendering, manipulation, optimization, security and signature. 3-Heights components and solutions is designed to handle large volumes quickly and reliably to provide high quality PDF and PDF/A-compliant documents for further processing or digital long-term archiving.PDFTron: PDFTron provides powerful cross-platform PDF APIs enabling app development for desktop/server, mobile and web apps, with consistent, high-quality output, as well as top-notch performance on even the most complex files. PDFNet SDK APIs can be accessed from any language/platform (Xamarin/C#, JavaScript, C++, Java, Objective-C, etc.), providing support for annotation, collaboration, forms, digital signing, editing, printing, file conversion, redaction, and more. PDFTron’s WebViewer technology enables viewing and embedding PDF, Office and other formats in any HTML5 app on any device. Also, announced at the last PDF Tech Conference in San Jose in 2015 as the first complete PDF toolkit for the web, PDFNetJS is the latest addition to PDFTron’s web-based technologies, enabling to view, annotate and edit PDFs directly in any modern desktop browser.Qoppa: Qoppa Software offers an extensive suite of PDF libraries and visual components that cover all PDF processing needs. PDF functions include creation and modification, assembly, conversion to images and HTML, automated printing, encryption and digital signatures, form fields, viewing and markup, optimization, and a lot more. Qoppa products provide the highest level of performance and reliability and are 100% Java, so they run on all servers and desktop operating systems. Accusoft: PDFXpress is a full-featured PDF SDK that makes it fast and easy to enhance your application with a broad range of PDF features including file creation, editing, text and image extraction, and standard PDF security using easy-to-implement, concise code. Users are empowered to rapidly render large PDF images and files. Apply customizable compression settings, and perform lossless compression to reduce file size without sacrificing render quality.ActivePDF: Over 14 years, ActivePDF has developed and refined a comprehensive collection of PDF automation tools that make development easy. ActivePDF helps avoid delays, downtime and headaches. More than 23,000 satisfied customers have chosen ActivePDF, from startups to Fortune 100 companies.Adobe: A company defined by its market-leading PDF technology, Adobe offers Adobe Document Cloud for document management across mobile devices and PCs. The Document Cloud features the Adobe Acrobat DC PDF solution, which provides a touch interface for document management through native mobile apps.Amyuni: Amyuni provides developers and system administrators with high-performance PDF conversion and processing tools. Certified for Windows desktops and servers, Amyuni PDF Converterenables developers to easily integrate powerful PDF and PDF/A functionality into their applications with just a few lines of code. Amyuni PDF Creator produces optimized PDF documents and is available for .NET, WinRT and ActiveX.last_img

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