Seriously Benioff takes the stage as his cofounde

first_imgSeriously, Benioff takes the stage as his cofounder Parker Harris comes on in a silly Lightning Man costume. Harris then demos the product while Benioff says things like, “OK, Parker, this is going to take an hour to compile now, right?” Leaving Harris to correct Benioff with something like, “No, it works in seconds!” Just like an infomercial.(Related: What happened at this year’s Dreamforce)While the actual news is usually hidden behind the two previous hours of sales pitches, it’s still far better than an Oracle keynote. Larry likes to come out on stage for his keynote and ignore every slide he’s prepared. He also likes to tell people they should buy a billion-dollar sailboat. His keynotes involve him racing through slides by shouting “I don’t want to talk about this, next slide,” until he hits the slide that says Oracle is 10x faster than IBM.Benioff opened his keynote by introducing his mother, a cancer survivor. Ellison doesn’t even have a mother. He was spawned from the ocean floor fully formed, carrying a katana. Let’s compare, if we can for a moment, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. This week, San Francisco played host to its largest conference ever, when 170,000 people attended Dreamforce.Next month, a whole lot of people will be attending Oracle OpenWorld as well. I expect somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000. Any way you slice it, these two titans of industry take over the city almost entirely when they put on their shows. Thus, we’ll have to break down the comparison item by item.Best Keynote: Marc BenioffAs a reporter, I actually don’t like the keynotes. I’m there to report on the news and announcements, but 90% of a Benioff keynote is him asking silly joke questions to his stage-mates, and intently discussing charity work.last_img

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