Watch Dogs no longer launch game delayed until spring 2014

first_imgOne of the first next-gen games revealed to the world (sorry, Wii U) was Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. When the game was first shown back at E3 2012, the gaming press immediately got the impression that the open-world-hack-em-up couldn’t possibly achieve its visuals and complexity on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We soon learned that Watch Dogs was indeed a next-gen title, and would be appearing on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Now, however, Ubisoft will be pushing the game back to sometime in spring 2014.As is generally the case with high-profile games, Ubisoft has stated that the reason for the delay is to “deliver the best experience possible,” which tends to mean that the game wasn’t as optimized as the developer hoped. A few months isn’t that big of a delay for an unproven entity (in this case, a new IP) in the grand scheme of gaming, as there are a multitude of other titles you should probably catch up on.Where the delay really hits home, though, are the PS4 and Xbox One launch bundles. Amazon quickly stated that it’s honoring the PS4 bundle pre-orders, but the PS4 would ship without the game. Amazon didn’t make clear how it would handle the extra money spent on the game — either through a refund, or simply shipping Watch Dogs when it finally releases next year. GameStop will also be honoring the bundle pre-orders, and said that customers can either choose a different bundle, or receive the console now and Watch Dogs sometime later when it releases.Game delays are always a bummer, but what’s worse is when a game releases unfinished or without polish. Ubisoft’s delay is preventing the latter, so try not to be too upset.last_img

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