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first_imgStay on target “Nathan Bright had it all: an awesome girlfriend, a kickass dog, and a job as the number one weatherman on terraformed Mars. But when he’s accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history—an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth—Nathan becomes the most wanted man alive and a target of a manhunt that spans the galaxy. But is Nathan truly responsible for such a horrific crime? And why can’t he remember?”THE WEATHERMAN #1(W): Jody Leheup (A): Nathan Fox (C): Dave Stewart (L): Steve Wands (D): Tom MullerI adore when comics take you on the ride with a title character. You’re not sure what’s happening and left in confusion of what they’ve gotten themselves into. You have more questions than answer. You’re sitting with the issue going, BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Weatherman #1 gives you that feeling. It brings an out of the box concept that will make you tilt your head, but when you dive in, you’ll get absorbed in this world within seconds.Jody Leheup is a writer that knows how to keep a secret and does a damn fine job with keeping you in the dark. Leheup’s narrative is so vague and mysterious, but you find yourself waiting for another piece of information to drop. As you read the first issue, you find yourself asking questions. What big event wipes out half a billion people? Why can’t Nathan remember anything? Why did these guys want to capture Nathan so severely? What’s going on?! All of these questions would lead some readers to frustration, but I’m one that loves this kind of storytelling. It leads you to lean in a little bit more as the story unfolds.via Image ComicsThe Weatherman #1 is almost guaranteed, especially with Leheup’s writing to have that “oh shit” moment, just like in the final panels. Leheup has a way of writing a hilarious story that catches you from the start. The withdrawal makes the lead up with this comic something powerful and thrilling. That’s what it does with the characters as well.Nathan Bright, The Weatherman himself has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He lives practically like a rockstar with a life of luxury in every sense, but now he’s about to go down for something he doesn’t remember. We’re in the journey with Nathan which is another thing that’s so appealing with Leheup’s narrative. It makes it so much more impressive as we’re in the dark with the character. This is something a brilliant writer can bring out in a narrative. He’s done it with Shirtless Bear Fighter. This time, Leheup invites you to follow along with Nathan til the end.via Image ComicsNathan Fox’s art for Weatherman is an absolute knockout. I was immediately blown away by how much detail he brings to the panels with his pencils. Fox delivers a unique and offbeat style. One that’s sketch-driven, but with that carries a lot more than he can do with those details, including action and a whole bunch of sci-fi. Action scenes in comics ALWAYS land me. It’s something rarely done with grace from panel to panel or even in the panels. Fox absolutely nails it in those final pages that are easily some of my favorites in comics this year. Let me put it this way. If Black Widow, drawn by Nathan Fox is something Marvel wants to do, I will throw all my money at it. Fox’s art is aesthetically pleasing and a visual delight, especially paired with Dave Stewart’s bright and neon colors throughout the panels.Stewart presents colors that are high neon or bright/dense pastels while setting the mood of the comic that is both high energy and playful. Throughout the panels, he mixes them perfectly, allowing you to zoom in on certain things within Fox’s art that your eyes didn’t catch before. I know I say a lot of art and colors are a match, but with Stewart’s color and Fox’s art, it’s pure creation of a world at its best. They both bring a satisfying vibrant world to life with the visuals that leave you excited for more.via Image ComicsSteve Wands’ lettering for this issue is outstanding. He plays into the atmosphere and space of the comic. Wands gives it the variation it needs when it comes to the story and working within Fox’s art. The placement is eye-catching and allows to move from panel to panel effortlessly without missing a beat. Something else I loved and took notice of was the hand-lettered font by Nathan Fox and designed by John Green. It flowed naturally within Wand’s lettering and gave it a distinct and striking look that was just as unique as the comic is.Weatherman #1 is a series you can’t miss. Filled with an intriguing and bonkers premise mixed with stunning visuals that are out of this world. It’s purely creative, unique and one of a kind. The Weatherman #1 is now available on Comixology and in your local comic shops.6/13/2018 Releases – In addition to THE WEATHERMAN #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.By Night #1 by John Allison (W), Christine Larsen (A) BOOM! BoxThe Magic Order #1 by Mark Miller (W), Olivier Coipel (A) Image ComicsBatgirl vs. The Riddler #1 by Tim Seeley(W), Minkyu Jung, Jose Marzan Jr. (A), Jose Marzan Jr. (I), Jordi Bellaire (C) DC ComicsAdventure Time Vol. 12: Thunder Road by Jeremy Sorese (W), Zachary Sterling (A) KaBOOM!A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson (W), Archie Bongiovanni (A) Oni PressIt Will All Hurt by Farel Dalrymple (C, W, A) Image ComicsMarvel Rising: Alpha #1 by Devin Grayson (W), Georges Durate (A) Marvel ComicsDeadpool: Assassin #1 by Cullen Bunn (W), Mark Bagley (A) Marvel ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. 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