EA to close inactive Origin accounts after 24 months

first_imgEagle-eyed readers of the Terms of Service for EA’s digital store Origin have discovered that EA has reserved the right to cancel your account if you don’t log in for two years.If you have not used your account for 24 months or more, the document reads, “your Account may be cancelled for non-use.” That would essentially make a user lose all the games and DLC they purchased on that account. The same clause, Clause 5, reserves the right to expire paid and free DLC, unlockable content, “digital and/or virtual assets,” all serial keys/codes, in-game achievements and virtual currencies.By comparison, Valve’s Steam, the dominant player in the digitally-distributed games market, reserves the right to terminate your account at any time. This clause, Clause 13, exists outside of other clauses that set aside Valve’s right to cancel your account for specific reasons such as cheating.It is important to note that neither service guarantees that your account will be cancelled for reasons of non-use. Rather, EA has only claimed the right to stop maintaining your account if you don’t connect in a two-year period.Still, the move is easily painted in the light of aggression that has underscored the Origin rollout over the last few weeks. EA seems to have particularly picked a fight with top dog Steam. First, shooter Crysis 2 was removed from Steam, and publisher EA later blamed Valve for the removal. Since then, EA’s Dragon Age 2 was also removed from Steam, and it has come to light that the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 won’t make it to Valve’s store as well.The gaming press has asked EA to comment on this Terms of Service. At time of writing, the company has issued no statement.via Rock, Paper Shotgunlast_img

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