This Guy Had His Phone Stolen So He Spied On The Thief

first_imgStay on target Hell Yeah, Teens Are Growing Skull Horns From Phone UseGoogle’s Find My Device Will Ensure You’re Never Without Your Android Phone If you’ve ever been the victim of phone theft or lost your phone somewhere before even for a short period of time, you know that crushing feeling that washes over you. The thief now has access to all of your data. Photos. Videos. Text messages. Payments. We keep so much information on our phones these days that it’s hard not to get attached.One filmmaker, Anthony van der Meer, had his smartphone taken from him, and he realized exactly what he had lost in the act. After mulling it over, he let another smartphone of his be stolen, but this time to phone came with special spyware installed so that van der Meer could keep tabs on the user and whatever they were doing with the phone. That means everything, including calls to a sex line and other dirty, secretive things.The result was the short film Find My Phone, which van der Meer created as he tracked the man who stole his phone. This included actions on the phone, actual calls, and various other activity in a bid to try and understand the type of person who would do such a thing, what drives them, and possibly empathize with them…not that that’s an easy thing to do or anything.It’s difficult to want to care what a thief is thinking, and I certainly didn’t by the end of the film, as I hoped the creator would just go and snag his phone back because it made me angry, but your mileage may vary. It’s an interesting film nevertheless, and exciting to see someone going to the trouble of such an experiment.Check out the short film for yourself, but be forewarned: It may very well spur you to take your smartphone security even more seriously than you already do. It’s serious stuff, folks.last_img

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