WSUV student helps abused children as way to heal herself

first_imgStephanie Holt can relate to the Vancouver 16-year-old twins allegedly tortured and beaten by their parents. She was a frightened 9-year-old when she was taken from her mother. It was the dead of winter in Helena, Mont. Dressed in just a tattered yellow summer dress and boy’s underpants, she was picked up from a child welfare office by her Aunt Karen.She was shivering and blue. You could count her ribs.“She didn’t really know how to be a little girl,” her aunt, Karen Sherrill, recalled.Holt had spent years imprisoned in her bedroom without food by an alcoholic mother. Her life revolved around trying to scrounge anything to eat, even toilet paper or dog food. She and her siblings would pillage food out of garbage cans. Their mother’s wrath would come next, she remembered. If they were caught stealing food, her mom or mom’s boyfriend would beat them with a belt.Holt said she spent years feeling like that little scared girl. But through years of therapy and help from friends, Holt said she’s now seeing life in a different way.last_img

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