Get 70 Off This Purifying Portable Air Conditioner

first_imgStay on target This $500 SEO Tool Is Only $24 TodayThis Easy-to-Fly LED Drone Performs Acrobatic Moves Central air systems rarely produce a tolerable environment. That’s because people are individuals with unique tastes. For some, an air-conditioned space is still too hot. For others, it’s too cold. And that’s what makes the Evapolar 2 such a game changer, especially considering its low cost of ownership.The Evapolar 2 is a personal intelligent air conditioner. It sets up easily on your desktop, table, or bookshelf and creates a pocket of air that’s both livable and breathable. You can set the temperature to your personal preference, it acts as an air purifier and humidifier, and it integrates with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can control it with your phone.You simply fill the 1.3L water tank, set the device to your desired temperature, and turn it on. From there, Evapolar 2 creates a microclimate that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Then, as it cools the air around you, it cleans it too by filtering out dust, pollen, and other allergens so you’ll breathe easier. And it’s portable too, so you can take it with you from home to your office and back again.Of course, there are other personal air conditioners on the market. They tend to be underpowered, inefficient, and produce results that leave you unsatisfied. The Evapolar 2, by contrast, is powerful enough to handle all your needs but is at least 10 times more efficient than other systems, so you’ll save money on your electrical bills.Evapolar 2 is a game changer. There’s so much demand for it, in fact, that it raised over one million dollars in a very short period of time on Indiegogo. It’s available in a choice of three different colors — White, Black, and Gray — so there’s likely one that’s suited to your decor, and it comes with everything you need to get started.There’s just no downside to purchasing. The Evapolar 2 creates a tolerable living environment that’s custom fit to your needs, it cleans the air so you’ll be healthier, and it costs way less to run than other devices. And it’s affordable to purchase too as you can pick one up for just $199 — a savings of 26 percent off retail — while supplies last at the Geek Shop.Like these deals? Check out Vault — you’ll get four premium tools, including NordVPN and Dashlane, to supercharge your online security. Enter code VAULTONE to try it out for just $1!last_img

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