Crackdown on the great Greek Mykonos ripoff

first_imgGreek authorities have been cracking down on Mykonos restaurants over the last few months after numerous tourists took to social media to complain about the exorbitant prices.A recent post on social media by US army soldier Francisco Tajeda, 38, whose party was charged $935 for a calamari, tomato juice and six bottles of beer, and who were not given a menu before hand, was just one of many complaints.Over the last several months there have been many raids with around 50,500 expected to be taken over a several-month span. The Independent newspaper reports that undercover policemen will be targeting hotels and restaurants on the island at the behest of the finance ministry.READ MORE: Tourist trap on Mykonos: 836.20 euro-bill for calamariThe Times of London reports that a few dozen businesses have already been closed down on the island. A restaurant owned by ‘Salt Bae’ chef Nusret Gokce was shut down for several days following failure to issue receipts amounting to $30,000.Private club Moni, closed for 48 hours, as well as club Rambo following tax infringements.However, it isn’t just restaurants on Mykonos that have been overcharging tourists. In Rhodes, Vicky Scott wrote on Facebook that her four friends and family from the UK were charged more than $100 for eight drinks.READ MORE: Mykonos taverna slapped with 12 tax infringements following social media criticism“Went to The Gate restaurant in Old Rhodes Town for a drink,” she wrote on Facebook. “The bill for eight soft drinks was €82 ($100) — €14 ($18) for a milkshake!” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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