12 times Irish taxi drivers were complete and utter legends

first_img Source: quickmeme8. When they prove themselves to be all-round Good SamaritansThis guy who gave a tourist an umbrella on a rainy day = legit good egg. Source: Reddit9. The Vengabus is coming and everybody’s jumpingAh, the party bus experience. A nightmare when experienced in a group, even worse when you’re alone.I booked a taxi to pick me up from my house and they must have only had the party bus one available. It was just me sitting in the back of a massive mini bus all alone and the taxi driver turns around and asks, “Will I stick on the strobe lights and the tunes for you?”“Sure why not,” I said. Taxi driver asks – outta nowhere – would I like to listen to something “more emotional”. I say I don’t mind. He puts on Halo by Beyoncé.— Fifi Hyde (@andgoseek) March 24, 2014 Source: Steve King/Twitter Source: Sheridan Flynn/Twitter Valentine retired a few years ago, but many Dubliners still have fond memories of singing along with him. Source: irishtaxi.orgThen there was this guy who was feeling good.Maybe too good. Source: Bartosz Krol/YouTube2. Only in Dublin Dublin taxi driver spent 20 minutes talking to me about corruption in Irish banking. He then offers me three receipts for ‘expenses’— Sheridan Flynn (@sheridanflynn) May 27, 2012 Source: Kate Kerrigan/Twitter 3. “It’s just emotion taking me over” Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet IRISH TAXI DRIVERS can get a bad rap, but it’s fair to say that sometimes they can be legends. Or gas. Or, at the very least, memorable.Here are twelve times they showed themselves to be all of the above.1. These guys who serenaded their passengersDubliners may be familiar with Tommy Valentine (AKA Cabbie Sinatra), a taxi driver who became known for serenading his passengers with Frank Sinatra covers over the years. Source: The FW12. And of course, when they do a dance-off to Get Lucky in the middle of the street Source: Fiona Hyde/Twitter I GOT MY #lostnovel BACK! The whole bag, intact, from Eddie Masterson #mytaxidriverhero— Kate Kerrigan (@katekerrigan) May 14, 2014center_img Legend.5. When they dispense their mystical wisdomAn anonymous source tells us:I got in a taxi after a first date with a guy and the driver started asking me about how it went. He asked questions about when we had both been born and started telling me about the Chinese zodiac and how I’m a rabbit and this guy I went on a date with was a rat. It would therefore never work between us. He wasn’t wrong. Taxi drivers streaming World Cup and Eurovision AKA giving the people what they want.7. When they reveal that they’re not so au fait with technologyAs one taxi driver memorably said:It’s all about the Twitter and the Twatter and the Twing Twang Twong. Source: whathappensinmediaplanning/Tumblr10. Wink wink, nudge nudgeTaxi drivers may be hypocrites, but they’ve always got your back. Source: Louise McSharry/Twitter Yes that is #eurovision13 streaming on our taxi driver’s phone. pic.twitter.com/Tr5Pz6iIHu— Louise McSharry (@louisemcsharry) May 18, 2013 @PhotosOfDublin Dublin Taxi driver Tommy Valentine who sang Sinatra tunes. #CharactersOfDublin pic.twitter.com/B4k9dv0wXN— Steve King (@SteveMacAnRi) January 13, 2014 4. A novel approachYou may remember when author Kate Kerrigan left her laptop, which contained her novel, in a taxi.  After a few days of panic and a search conducted via social media, her taxi driver returned it safely. Source: classicalmeangirls/Tumblr6. Priorities 11. When they show concern for God’s creaturesOr not.I was getting a taxi home from a wedding in Kildare with a friend a couple of years ago and the taxi driver hit a rabbit going down the avenue of the hotel. The friend I was with is a real animal lover and started to freak out, saying we should try to save it/bring it to a vet. The taxi driver got out, hoofed the (dead as a doornail) rabbit over the fence, got back in and said, “Oh he’s grand, sure he ran off. On we go.” Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Source: Keelan Lynch/YouTubeWe couldn’t not mention this guy.Up all night to the sun, he was.14 parents casually destroying their kids’ lives on Facebook >6 pieces of indisputable proof that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet >last_img

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