Dont panic dont compare if youre getting your Leaving Cert results today

first_img2. Andrew McQuillan knows exactly the trigger-words that keep Leaving Cert students awake at night. 3. Paul McLoughlin had some proper, Back-to-the-Future financial advice for the 1989 version of himself (while inadvertently revealing his age): TODAY IS LEAVING Cert results day.But if you’re about to get yours, you probably already knew that.It can be a terrifying occasion, but according to readers of, it really, really shouldn’t be.Over the weekend, we tested out the idea that Leaving Cert results determine your career prospects and future happiness, by asking you this question:If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give yourself on Leaving Cert results day?Here are the results of your combined, hard-won wisdom…1. Ted Carroll had some solid, practical gastronomic advice. Collected my results at 10am and buried my friend at 11am…it’s not the be all and end all…perspective is everything.6. And the last word goes to Trevor Power, a member of the Class of 2014: Yep, I’m going to die on Wednesday.If I don’t die of heartache and utter disappointment my ma will take my head off my shoulders anyway.We don’t think so, Trevor. We reckon you’ll be ok, actually. And that goes for all of you… Source: SabberBerlin/YouTube @thejournal_ie put £100 on cork to do the hurling and football double the following year .— Paul McLoughlin (@macdaddyx2) August 10, 2014 Get a good feed into ya before hitting the booze for the day! Worry about everything else in a few days.You’re right there, Ted…center_img Dear 16 year old me (yes, I did the leaving at 16):I have no idea what any of these things are anymore:- trigonometry;- ox-bow lake;- tiseal guinneadach.In fact, I’m fairly sure I had no idea about them very very soon after your age.So take a deep breath and stop stressing about them now. Source: Paul McLoughlin/Twitter 5. If ever you needed a reminder of what really matters, The Todd gave it to us all with this heartbreaking comment: I’m in a unique situation. At 31 years of age I am collecting my Higher Level Irish leaving cert result this Wednesday.After 3 years in college, a year travelling and 7 years in a bank I’ve realised teaching is what I want and need the higher grade than I achieved first time round.My advice to old leaving cert me… Don’t panic. Don’t compare. It’ll take a wee while but you’ll get there.…Oh and don’t touch that cider later tonight as it’s pure petrol. 4. Never_again had a nice little story that proves there are many roads to finding what will really make you happy:last_img

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