Whats a Tootsie Roll 11 American foods explained

first_imgGROWING UP, YOU probably became accustomed to hearing a lot of American foods referenced in TV/movies that had you scratching your head and generally thinking, “What is that?”Fear not, because we’re here to help.1. Meatloaf Source: ShutterstockAside from being the go-to dinner on American TV, meat loaf is basically ground beef, egg, breadcrumbs, onion and whatever else you have lying around that’s formed into a loaf shape and served up. Bon appetit.2. Twinkies Source: AP/Press Association ImagesA golden sponge cake filled with vanilla cream. (Fun fact: they were originally filled with banana cream until rationing during WW2 meant that they had to revert to vanilla filling.)3. Pork rinds Source: blisstreePork rinds are a traditional southern snack. Perhaps you grew up thinking they were like Rancheros crisps? Source: gifsecThey’re actually deep-fried pig skin. Yum.4. Graham crackers Source: WikpediaGraham Crackers are essentially the US equivalent of digestive biscuits: sweet, but ultimately a bit bland. Commonly used in baking recipes and to make the campfire stalwart S’mores. (Roasted marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers.)Fun fact: they were originally conceived as a bland food eaten to combat and suppress sexual urges. No, really. 5. Corn dogs Source: ShutterstockCorn dogs are hot dog sausages coated in sweet cornmeal batter. As you can imagine, they are incredibly healthy and are known for their life-extending properties.LOL jk, it’s basically a clogged artery on a stick.6. Milk Duds Source: Old Time CandyRelatively unexciting when compared to other American sweets, Milk Duds are chocolate-covered caramels that are popular amongst cinemagoers.( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)7. Sloppy Joe Source: ShutterstockYou may remember that sloppy joes played a pivotal role in It Takes Two, the classic Olsen Twins movie, but did you know that it’s just mince meat served in a sandwich? Source: armadillas/WordpressMmmmm.8. Candy corn Source: ShutterstockCandy corn is basically a sugar-flavoured sweet that is yellow, orange and white to represent the appearance of corn. Oh, did we mention that it tastes like sugar?Bonus: Google reckons it tastes like crayons.9. Tootsie Roll Source: EdublogsChewy chocolate-flavoured sweets with the consistency of caramel or taffy. No more, no less.10. Lucky Charms Source: AP/Press Association ImagesMost Irish kids can probably relate to hearing about or seeing Lucky Charms on TV and being like: Source: thechiveBut just what are they? Well, it’s basically an oat cereal (think Cheerios) with multi-coloured marshmallows in the shape of  hearts, stars, clovers, horseshoes and more thrown in.Magical.11. Kraft Mac & Cheese Source: alpha-phonicsA dietary staple if movies and television are to be believed, macaroni and cheese is basically pasta and cheese. The Kraft variety is arguably the most popular and comes in a box, with each box containing a few servings of pasta and powdered cheese sauce. (Yes, powdered.)Kids love it. Source: theroosterPeaches are being sold with tiny knickers on them in China >15 people expose the horrors they’ve seen at urinals >last_img

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