PORTUGAL Sporting beat Benfica in local derby

6.ABC Braga311182:836 14.Boa Hora200249:562 11.SC Horta210158:664 4.Benfica320184:777 12.Maia-Ismai300372:973 The first big derby of the season in Portugal has been seen in Round 3, when Sporting CP beat Benfica SL 30:28 in local derby. The home team is defeated despite 9 goals of Serbian left back Petar Djordjic.Frankis Carol was TOP shooter in Sporting’s jersey with seven goals.Now, only two teams have 100% from three matches, the reigning champions FC Porto Sofarma and Sporting.Here are the results of Round 3:SL Benfica : Sporting CP, 28:30 (11:15)ABC UMinho : FC Gaia / Empril, 32:26 (11:13)Boavista FC : Águas Santas Milaneza, 27:29 (12:10)FC Porto Sofarma : Vitória FC, 32:18 (15:13)ADA Maia ISMAI : Artística de Avanca Bioria, 23:32 (11:13)SC Horta : CF Os Belenenses, 27:38 (12:20)Boa Hora FC / ROFF : Madeira SAD, 26:27 (15:13)STANDING: Benfica SLportuguese handballSporting CP andebol 1.Porto3300101:689 10.Aguas Santas210161:644 9.Avanca210158:504 8.Gaia310292:1015 7.Boavista310279:875 3.Belenenses3210112:838 13.Vitoria300369:1013 2.Sporting330097:759 5.Madeira320177:837 ← Previous Story SEHA Gazprom League 19/20: Motor beat RK Vardar! Veszprem routine win over Zagreb, Tatran’s success in Nasice Next Story → Antonio Garcia Robledo to join HBC Nantes

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