How to plan a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan a small C shop

In fact, Taobao

has a lot of survival form, not to do Amoy brand to earn money, so how to make a profitable small C shop, every month and earn a few million yuan, that is the dream of many people, today to talk about how to make money, planning a small C


1, shop name;

just do Taobao people have a misunderstanding, a lot of people want to shop, to buy things directly to take your account directly to shop, usually the accounts of ID are: nana1987, 888 wise and so on, this is wrong? What looks is no problem, but if you want to do business better, more professional, there are corresponding relationship with your best name what you sell, we listen to a story of read more

Chen Ou again endorsement jumei com change model

Chen Ou again for their endorsement".

December 16th, as CEO Chen Ou released long micro-blog "you never know what to do in the first half of this year" Chen ou, the first is to return to the company’s related law question, and reiterated the important business of after the listing of the transformation.

in this long micro-blog, Chen Europe focuses on the three major business changes, cut off the luxury business on the third party platform, the beauty of the business will be transferred to the third party platform into the self storage, to enter the cross-border electricity supplier. Especially for the first two, aims to strengthen the supply chain quality control. read more

Amoy rush to relax the management of the seller can also participate in Juhuasuan


] April 22nd news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, from April 28th onwards, the Amoy panic buying Taobao in price management, and other aspects of the relaxation process.

Amoy buy change

in terms of price, was originally involved in the Amoy rush to buy the price is the lowest price of nearly 30 days of the transaction price of only 10 percent off, the lowest price.

is particularly worth mentioning is that the original Amoy buy and Juhuasuan can not participate at the same time, otherwise it will be pulled black. After the modification, in addition can also participate in these two activities, other black treatment also were relaxed, cancel the registration, modify the price will no longer pull the black, but changed to collect fees at the end. read more

Triple play at breaking the electricity supplier

December 31, 2011, the State Council announced the second batch of triple play pilot cities, the total number of pilot cities increased by 42. At present, the triple play pilot cities have spread all over the country, with a wide range of representation, for the beginning of 2013 to provide a comprehensive reference to the triple play. With the triple play to speed up the pace, more and more attention, many analysts believe that the triple play will have a great impact on the network providers and hardware industry, but as engaged in the work of IT people should look deeper. read more

Big Taobao community e commerce layout Acquisition phpwind

just a few months ago, phpwind is an old-fashioned word, if drag out an ignoble existence. In the eyes of the discuz community operators, Comsenz occupied the absolute number of very influential, the local community of users. However, we see all change in October 17, 2009! 2009 phpwind in Hangzhou held a "win-win open · · share" of the local community website forum; after the meeting, in the long lane founder Qian Yu local community organization alliance Q group, call a sound: "phpwind7.5 read more

Luxury electricity supplier positioning special brand promotion user experience is the focus

speed transit network Southern China news on July 3rd, has been, as a high priced luxury goods, consumer groups positioned as high-end, luxury electricity supplier companies appear to allow more users to facilitate the consumption of luxury goods. Shenzhen luxury business enterprise class high-end luxury positioning in the street are luxurious, street marketing staff Ma Wei said: "luxury products belong to the street light luxury, ordinary people can also petty, white-collar consumption". read more

Luxury unauthorized supremacy part of shoddy goods

following was accused of selling unauthorized Tissot, recently, many domestic electricity supplier has been blasting the sale of unauthorized SWAROVSKI products. Luxury consumption in the country more and more fire, the war between the brand and the electricity supplier on the issue of saliva war intensified.

online shopping luxury what is true? If there is no brand authorization, the electricity supplier from where the goods into? The reporter interviewed a number of insiders understand that, at present, the domestic luxury site of the supply chain is relatively poor, mostly through the parallel trader domestic goods. However, due to a variety of channels, luxury goods site is difficult to verify the source of parallel traders. read more

Viewing the development and profit of shopping guide website from the perspective of the profit mode

Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other major portals in the last year have established rebates channels, two days before the Google acquisition of the British price comparison site, whether it is a form of price rebate, belong to the goods shopping guide. With the rapid development of shopping guide website, and lower the threshold of the station, more and more webmaster to join the ranks of the shopping guide website.

two days ago, Lu Songsong and Franziska talked about the promotion of his leading shopping guide, for which I also in-depth study of the development and profitability of the shopping guide website, because the leading shopping guide in the Bo put in advertising. Therefore, I have the obligation to provide detailed analysis and research for advertisers. I hereby publish this article to talk about my views. read more

Do not give up the electronic commerce should insist on several points of their own ideas

07 years of contact with Taobao, when the feeling of online shopping is very reassuring, in case of problems with the goods even after the sale of security are not, if directly deceived, it would not complain without a door. Later, I know that online shopping is one of the main types of e-commerce, but always feel not reliable, do not want to do this, can not see the future. In fact, it is not surprising that the emerging industry. People have a process of acceptance. Not only me, but also my friends. Until 2009, I heard a friend to open shop in the Taobao money, slowly to the electronic commerce change of attitude, think the future of e-commerce have a brilliant future. read more

Optimistic about the East Jingdong flash purchase again closed door practice year 1997 10 17

text / Sohu IT Yang Shufang

make a trail in, flash purchase inevitably become the electricity supplier who is trying to meddle in the blue ocean, the Jingdong, Dangdang has incoming. Even the traditional department stores are also interested in business outlets, such as a group of friends, also has vowed to challenge

Wang Lijie, general manager of Jingdong

flash purchase division believes that even in the long run, flash purchase will not change from the blue sea to the red sea. Maintain flash purchase business of the two ports, that is, users and brands, have a permanent demand for flash purchase. read more