Ben Carson compares immigrants to slaves; Faces heavy backlash

first_imgIts Tuesday, March 7. We are looking at some of the top across your Caribbean-American community.President Donald trump has signed a revised executive travel order in Washington on Monday. The new travel ban excludes Iraq from the list of Muslim majority countries that were targeted in a first executive order that was rejected by an Appellate Court. Refugee travel will be suspended for 90 days under the new order and travelers with Green cards and refugees who were already cleared to enter the U.S will be exempt from the travel ban.The Bahamian Government has issued an immediate evacuation order after a massive fire broke out at the city dump in the Capital city Nassau yesterday and continues to burn. Residents living in the affected area have been advised to take all necessary precautions to ensure their safety.Police in Jamaica have arrested a woman who is reportedly the mastermind behind a massive extortion racket that spread across seven parishes in that Caribbean nation. The woman was arrested on Sunday, just days after two men had been nabbed in connection with an extortion letter that had been sent to several businesses in seven Jamaican parishes demanding exorbitant payment for protection.And in sports…The Combined Islands defeated India by 29 runs while The Trinidad red force routed India by 58 runs in the Lauderhill Night cricket T20 tournament at the Lauderhill Sports Park on Saturday.Here’s What’s trendingDr. Ben Carson, US Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has created controversy from a speech to the department’s workers yesterday. In the speech he referred to slaves brought to America forcibly in slave ships as other immigrants, who had dreams that their future generations would have “prosperity and happiness in this land.” He emphasized the point he was trying to make that immigrants find prosperity in America by saying, “That’s what America is about.” For Tomorrow’s weather forecastIt will be partly cloudy with isolated showers in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties with a high of 84 and a low of 62. For more on these and other stories, visit us online at Make sure to pick up your copy of the Caribbean News Weekly at your nearest Caribbean American outlet.last_img read more

US-based Jamaican athlete Xavier Boland charged with sex-related felony

first_imgJamaican track and field athlete Xavier Boland faces a possible 12-year prison term after he was charged with three counts of felony invasion of privacy. Authorities alleged he secretly recorded three people having sex without their knowledge or consent, a felony.According to reports, 24-year-old Boland, an honor-roll student at Lindenwood University, committed the felony on February 18 in St. Charles, Missouri, where he lives.Recordings found on phoneThe reports said court documents indicated that the recordings were found on the Lindenwood University senior’s phone after a woman alleged that he not only showed her a video and a photo of her having sex with Boland’s roommate but sexually assaulted her and threatened to post recordings he’d made of her on social media when she resisted.The court documents also say that Boland’s roommate was unaware that he was in the recordings, as was another woman who was also recorded having sex.In woman’s bedroomThe police report said a woman who brought the matter to light was asleep in the house where Boland lives and awoke to find him in the bedroom. She raised an alarm, got dressed and told the honor student to leave the bedroom.The woman claimed Boland told her he had seen her naked many times and played a video on his phone which showed her engaged in sexual encounters. Boland told her he had more recordings of her having sex in the bedroom.Threatens to publish videoThe woman then tried to leave the house, but Boland allegedly threatened to ruin her life by publishing the videos on a public forum. The police report further stated that Boland then took the woman to his bedroom where he then undressed her and began fondling her before she fought him off and fled. The victim then filed a report with authorities.Boland allowed police to search his phone and the videos by the St. Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force. The victim identified herself on one of the videos. The male acquaintance, who also spoke with police, identified himself in two videos. A third victim, who had a similar account as the others, was also identified and contacted.Boland is said to have admitted to recording the victims without their approval. He also claimed the woman fabricated the sexual assault claim to get authorities to make him erase the videos.Boland was arrested and charged with three counts of invasion of privacy, though no charges were filed in relation to the alleged sexual assault. He was also ordered to surrender his passport.If convicted, Boland faces up to four years in prison per count on the current charges.Was named Intercollegiate Athlete of the WeekJust last week Boland was named the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association’s (MIAA) Men’s Indoor Field Athlete of the Week. At the Missouri Collegiate Open he set an NCAA provisional mark of 5.20m, which is the second-best in NCAA Division II this season and the top mark in the MIAA.The university has not said whether he remains a student or on the track team, citing student privacy law, but said in a statement that the school “is committed to the safety of its students and the campus’.last_img read more

Member of winning Barbados Labor Party is now the Opposition leader

first_imgIn an interesting twist, Bishop Joseph Atherley a member of the  victorious Barbados Labor Party (BLP), was on Friday sworn in as Opposition Leader, just one week after the general elections. He had resigned suddenly from the party on Thursday night. Atherley, the Member of Parliament for St Michael West constituency, took the oath of office before Governor General Dame Sandra Mason.“I have heard a lot of things said about my actions, and obviously it seems to be a shocking event to some. But, Let me tell you, it is not. And, contrary to rumors, it is not a reaction to any ministerial appointments made by the Right Honorable Prime Minister last week and the omission of myself.“It is definitely not a reaction to that. I have indicated that to the Prime Minister and to my other parliamentary colleagues. It is definitely not a repudiation of the Barbados Labor Party platform or policies,” Atherley said, adding that he was part of those engaged in the formulation of the policies contained in the party’s manifesto. “I support those…it is not a reaction to any decision by her.” Wants to ensure there’s a parliamentary OppositionHowever, he stated he believes tremendously in the importance of democracy, and that “everything must possibly be done to expand our platform of democracy,” he said, adding that he wants “to constitute that physical presence on the opposition benches.”He said he would give “critical support to the party in office…to applaud them when they get it right, which I believe they will often, to put pertinent and pointed questions to them when necessary to keep them on their toes.Prime Minister Mottley had last weekend noted that she was exploring the possibility of amending the Constitution to allow for the opposition party with the most votes to be able to nominate two members to the Senate. The move was seen as allowing the Democratic Labor Party (DLP), which formed the last government, of having a presence in the Parliament.But Bishop Atherley, the head of the Evangelical Holiness Christian Community Church, said he would be appointing two senators soon.last_img read more

Caribbean showcased ‘celebration of cricket’: Richardson

first_imgICC chief executive Dave Richardson, has hailed the just concluded Women’s Twenty20 World Cup as a major success, noting the large crowds and excitement which accompanied the tournament had made for a “celebration of cricket” in the Caribbean region.The November 9-24 tournament was the first ICC stand-alone women’s T20 event and it saw three-time champions Australia clinch yet another title after prevailing over arch-nemeses England by eight wickets in Saturday’s final at the Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium here.Cricket WI congratulated“I would like to congratulate Cricket West Indies for organizing a tournament that proved to be a celebration of cricket. The crowds came out in thousands to watch and the tournament displayed the love people in this part of the world have for the game,” Richardson said.Commitment to back women’s cricket “We saw some memorable performances and milestones being achieved and I would like to thank all the teams for putting up their best and showing the world what women’s cricket is all about. The ICC is committed to backing both women’s cricket and the T20 format and this tournament has played a significant part in that.”He added: “This tournament has been watched around the world and I’m sure the quality of cricket displayed during the tournament will inspire girls across continents to pick up a bat or a ball and play cricket.”It was the second time for the Caribbean hosting the ICC T20 World Cup, following on from the successful staging of the 2010 edition. In 2007, the region hosted its first-ever ICC tournament when it put on the 50-overs World Cup.For this tournament, preliminary matches were staged in Guyana and St Lucia, with the semi-finals and final played here in Antigua.Large crowds were a hallmark of the tournament, especially for West Indies’ final preliminary match against England in St Lucia and the semis and final.last_img read more

#LegalFeature: Immigration Questions and Answers

first_imgMIAMI, Florida –Question: Me and my husband went to my immigration appointment last month and even though the officer was not friendly, she said she had everything she needed for now and gave us a paper that said they couldnt make a decision and have 120 days to do it. The officer asked us for our lease, but we didn’t have one because we live with my sister, but we had a few other papers we brought showing our marriage documents like our current car insurance and joint bank account we got together last month that has a hundred bucks in it and tried to give it to her but she didn’t take it. She said it was strange that we don’t have a lease and live with my sister and asked us why we didn’t have utility bills there and we said it was because the house is in my sister’s name. I had 2 affidavits one from my aunt and one from my husbands mom, but she didn’t look at them either. Also my husbands driver license is from his old address. Now its been a month gone by and nothing. My husband called the immigration number and tried to make an appointment to go to the office where we had our interview to get a status but the immigration lady on the phone said no we have to wait for a decision. Now we are wondering what to do should we wait or what? Is there anything you can do to speed the process up?Answer: Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a pleasant experience, but it is very common these days to encounter USCIS officers who are seemingly applying stiffer standards in marriage immigration cases and are more skeptical about whether or not a marriage is real these days. The main issue in marriage-based immigration cases, is the critical necessity for a couple to clearly establish that the marriage is real – by providing extensive documentation from the time of the marriage until the interview, not just for the past month (for example Joint: lease, bank statements, driver’s license or state ID at the same address, auto insurance, utilities, both names on the lease, tax return “married filing jointly”, lots and lots of photos, etc. the list goes on and on. Affidavits attesting to a genuine marriage are usually not given much weight by an officer and are generally used as a last resort when a couple does not have enough other “real” documentary evidence to show. USCIS officers have a lot of discretion to decide whether a marriage is real or not, based upon the totality of all the evidence presented by the couple, as well as the way a couple presents themselves and especially the way they interact together at the immigration interview.There are many factors which immigration officers consider when making a determination about whether or not a marriage is real. Officers like to see lots of photographs of the couple with other people and family members at celebrations or events (not selfies), a joint lease or a home deed to show that one of the spouses owns the property and utilities from each spouse at the same marital address. Officers have a mental check off list of certain factors which tend to show a marriage is more real than not and the lack of these items tends to show that the marriage may be fake. High on the list of fake marriage “red flags” is a couple who does not have a joint lease and who instead live with relatives and do not have any utilities in their names. Similarly, spouse’s who’s driver’s licenses do not match the marital address cause heightened suspicion that a marriage is not real. Joint bank accounts are also important, but can also be a cause for concern. For instance, officers are looking for the couple to have joint bank accounts for a long period and to show that it is the only account both spouses use, deposit funds into and pay bills out of. Couples who open a joint account and put a $100 in which stays in every month looks more suspicious than anything else, leading to the belief that each spouse has their own separate account which they use, not the joint one. Especially since officers know that fake marriage partners do not trust each other enough to actually share a bank account.With all of that said, it is becoming more and more common in recent months for officers to issue notices to couples at the end of the interview which says that a decision cannot be made at this time and the officer has 120 days to make a decision. This just gives the officer time to adjudicate that case, perhaps have a supervisor review it and in many cases, issue an approval with a month or so. On the other hand, some couples often receive a Request For Evidence (RFE) to submit more marital documents, certified police reports and court dispositions for any criminal incidents or any other document the officer believes is missing to complete the case. In any event, if nothing is received within 90 days, it might be wise to contact your local congressional office to get assistance. This sometimes gets the case “out of the crack” and makes the officer either issue an RFE, schedule a second interview or approve the case. I hope this is helpful to you. Question: hi I got my green card from my parents about 8 years ago. I met my wife a few years ago and got married. She had came here on a student visa then overstayed for 3 years. We want to file her immigration papers but I heard that since I just have my green card she cant get her green card through me until I get my American citizenship. I filed my citizenship papers last month, but we know it takes a long time and we are wondering if  I can go ahead and file for her residency and work permit now even though im not a citizen to get her started, then later once I get my citizenship, she will be eligible. We just want to get her papers in and get her work permit since she has been waiting all these years. What do you think?Answer: No, not a good idea, since your wife must establish eligibility at the time the residency application (form I-485) is filed, not later during processing. If you were to mistakenly file her case now when she is not eligible, then to naturalize (become a U.S. Citizen) during the process, her application would not be approved, since you would have had to be a U.S. Citizen before she filed her adjustment of status application. The result would be that you would need to refile her application all over again, another $1,225 USCIS filing fees and likely even a referral to deportation. So be patient, wait until after you swear in as a citizen before filing for her residency. Question: my boyfriend is a green card holder since 2017 (through his aunt who filed for his parents). I recently came to the us to visit him and we heard through a friend that if we get married, I can stay here and file for my green card. We decided to do it, but I have a question about travelling. My sisters wedding is coming up in January and I need to go home to be a brides maid. If I file for my green card once we get married next week, will I be able to go home in January for the wedding?Answer: Good question. It is very important for immigrants who are filing for adjustment of status (residency) in the U.S. to understand that once the application is filed, they cannot leave the U.S. until they receive their travel permit, called “Advance Parole”. Under delayed Trump processing times, this is now often taking 6+ months to receive! If an immigrant leaves the U.S. after filing for adjustment, without the travel permit, the entire residency case is automatically cancelled. So, in your case, if your residency case is filed next week, it would likely take until May of next year to receive your work and travel permit. That means you will not be going home for the wedding. The other option is to leave the U.S. and come back for a visit after the wedding.last_img read more

Neymar’s PSG Debut To Be Delayed Again, As Barcelona Fail To Send Clearance

first_imgNeymar’s long awaited debut for new club, PSG, could be delayed again as Barcelona are yet to submit transfer clearance to French football authorities.French football governing body, LFP, has declared that they are yet to receive the International Transfer Certificate (CIT) from the Spanish football federation, thereby given a Thursday night deadline for the submission.LFP’s official statement read: “The Spanish federation of football has until Thursday night to send the CIT to the French Federation of football, who send it back to the French professional football league, and then Neymar can play with PSG this weekend.”The LFP also added that they might consider “launching an official procedure with Fifa”. However, the Spanish Federation of football are yet to issue a statement.If the Spanish authorities fail to meet the deadline, Neymar, who already missed PSG’s season opener against CS Amiens, still won’t be eligible to play in the Ligue 1.Neymar completed his world record €222m move to Paris Saint-Germain last week, and will reportedly earn £40.3m in wages per year after tax, with around £515,000-a-week.RelatedLa Liga Rejects Neymar 222m Euros Payment From PSGAugust 3, 2017In “Europe”Struggling Lille Handed Transfer Ban As PSG, Monaco And Metz Escape PunishmentDecember 13, 2017In “Europe”Neymar To PSG: Pros And ConsAugust 4, 2017In “Europe”last_img read more

Russia 2018 Qualification Aftermath: Eagles Sign World Cup Bonus Agreement

first_imgRelatedMikel Obi Reiterates Commitment To EaglesMay 25, 2018In “National Team”Chelsea Player Kenneth Omeruo Makes Super Eagles World Cup List, Other Players ArriveNovember 7, 2017In “Nigeria”Pinnick, Rohr Clarify Derogatory Statements About The MediaJune 9, 2018In “National Team” The Super Eagles of Nigeria have penned a World Cup bonus agreement ahead of next year’s tournament in Russia.The 3-time African champions booked their place in Russia last month with one game to spare and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials have now reciprocated that gesture by reaching an agreement on a World Cup bonus package for the team.This latest development further underlines the football body’s commitment to the team in the quest for Nigeria to do well at the tournament proper.NFF President Amaju Pinnick and his Secretary General, Mohammed Sanusi, signed on behalf of the federation while the duo of John Mikel Obi (team captain) and Ahmed Musa (vice captain) penned the agreement on behalf of the team.Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr and his assistant, Salisu Yusuf, signed for the technical crew.Speaking afterwards, Super Eagles captain, John Mikel Obi, revealed the team’s delight at the new development. He said: “We are very happy and excited with this development. This is the first time since I started playing for the senior team that I would see everything regarding preparation and bonuses and allowances put down in black and white and a binding agreement executed.”“It is reassuring that we now have a Federation leadership so committed to making everything work that they arranged this meeting and allowed the players to contribute and then set out to sign the agreement.” the former Chelsea star added.last_img read more

Rabah Madjer Is The Legend Of ANGER! (Video)

first_imgRelated Algeria head coach Rabah Madjer gave one of the angriest press conferences in a long time as he poured his fury on an experienced journalist known as Mr. Djebour.The incident happened during Madjer’s post-match press conference following his team’s 3-0 win over Central African Republic (C.A.R) in an international friendly game played earlier in the week.In his words, the legendary Algerian footballer turned coach said: “Mr. Djebour the national journalist. You’re the enemy of the national team.Watch the Video below:Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.last_img read more

The FA fines Jack Colback £25,000 for betting misconduct

first_img Successful summer leaves Leadstar positive over industry’s recovery August 18, 2020 Related Articles Submit Spotlight ups matchday commentary reach and capacity for new EPL Season  August 21, 2020 Premier League looks to broadcast every behind-closed-door fixture August 28, 2020 Jack Colback has been fined £25,000 after accepting an FA misconduct charge in relation to betting. The Newcastle midfielder breached FA Rule E8 by placing a bet on a fixture that took place on March 16.While it was not a match involving his club, or in the division they were playing in at the time (Premier League), FA Rules prohibit those involved in the sport from betting, either directly or indirectly, on any match or competition that takes place anywhere in the world.The offence came just two days after Newcastle lost 1-0 at Leicester, and four days before they drew 1-1 with his former club Sunderland. Colback follows Joey Barton, Kyle Lafferty and Martin Demichelis as high-profile players to have been penalised under the regulations in 2016. The Rule E8 was brought in during the 2014/15 season.Colback, who has played over 150 times in the Premier League for Sunderland and Newcastle, has been a regular under Rafael Benitez this season, making 11 appearances in the Championship. He missed his side’s shock home defeat to Blackburn on Saturday with an eye injury, but may be fit enough to return in tonight’s EFL Cup quarter final at Hull City. StumbleUpon Share Sharelast_img read more

Warwick Bartlett: GBGC – Industry’s route to Brexit

first_img Warwick Bartlett Chief Executive of industry consultancy GBGC, details to SBC the potential effects of Brexit following further details of the UK’s EU departure presented by the government last week._________________________SBC: Now that PM Theresa May has confirmed that Britain will be leaving the EU Single Market, what impact do you feel the UK exit will have on the UK betting market and its stakeholders?   Warwick Bartlett: With regards to trading I doubt it will have any effect at all. In EU terms the gambling industry left the single market years ago when the European courts decided each nation could adopt its own gambling regulation.SBC: Following last week’s announcement, what early legal and operational preparation can UK betting operators and stakeholders undertake in order to combat potential ‘Hard Brexit’ impacts?WB: The major impact of a hard Brexit will be on the economy and how much disposable income the gambler will have to spend on gambling.  A further fall in the GBP, if we have a non-negotiable Brexit, will create more inflation which again will impact on margins.  Keeping costs down will be key.  But I am a little more optimistic than most. After 12 months of leaving I can see real benefits in trading with the rest of the world and I am sure we will have some deal with Europe on trade.  Not to do so is MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction.SBC: Is there any possibility of UK overseas territory Gibraltar maintaining any EU special arrangements that may aid industry stakeholder operations?WB: I watched  Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo on television recently and he stated eloquently that Gibraltar was strongly British and did not want that to change.  To say that Gibraltar requires a special relationship with the EU because it is at the tip of Spain is contrary to the previous statement, which is a confirmation of reality. I am afraid Gibraltar on this issue is not going to be able to have cake and eat it.  But I do sympathise with their position, they have built a big industry in igaming and they wish to keep it, why wouldn’t they?SBC: Should the UK proceed to depart the single market within two years, how do you feel this will affect the operational value chain of industry operators and service providers?WB: Very little.  Most of the providers already have offices throughout Europe. Take Playtech they are headquartered in the Isle of Man (non-EU) UK, Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Philippines.  If EU membership counts post Brexit they are represented in seven EU countries!  Those that don’t have representation might have to place servers in the country where they are licensed and have a point of presence. That could be costly, depends on the level of revenue whether it is worthwhile.  If the UK does manage to get control of its borders, then wages theoretically should rise, good for revenue but not good for control of overheads.SBC: Moving forward, from an industry stakeholder perspective what do you feel would represent a good break from the European Union?WB: Agreement not to contribute further to EU. Control of borders, continuation for pass porting for the City of London, although a passporting deal with the US might solve that, a trade deal similar to Canada’s with EU would be good, but EU have said they intend to be nasty to keep other member states in the club.  Ten years from now we will all wonder what the fuss was all about, I think this will end up with some fudge deal, it is the very nature of things when so many countries are involved.  What no one is taking account of is the shape of Europe itself over the next two years, will it hold together?SBC: As an industry, how can UK betting/gaming stakeholders represent their operational concerns to the UK government regarding Brexit? WB: With difficulty, because there are few reasons to complain and the UK Government is mostly concerned with finance and manufacturing at present, for a good reason, I might add.________________Warwick Bartlett – CEO of GBGC StumbleUpon Related Articles Share Submit Andrew Lyman – Brexit is no ‘doom & gloom scenario’ for Gibraltar gambling February 24, 2020 Share EU research agency demands urgent action on loot box consumer safeguards July 29, 2020 Smarkets tips Keir Starmer as new Labour leader January 8, 2020last_img read more