Tanelli grapples with glory

first_imgBoth the University of Wisconsin wrestling team and sophomore grappler Zach Tanelli have started out the season strong with an 8-0 record.Tanelli, the team’s starting 133 lb. wrestler, is currently ranked 17th in the nation with a perfect 8-0 record, with two wins by pins. He was a redshirt freshman and didn’t see much action last season, being behind good friend Tom Clum who was last year’s starting 133 lb. wrestler. Early in this season, Tanelli has already pulled even with his victory total from last season. The Milburn, N.J., native has proven himself and has become a main factor in the wrestling team’s high position. “I was sitting behind a two-time All-American last year in Tom Clum, and I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of. I’ve waited my turn, now it’s my turn to get in the lineup and show Wisconsin, and the country, what I can do. I don’t feel any different confidence-wise, it’s just a matter of that it’s my turn to shine,” Tanelli said.Not getting a lot of action on the mat when it counts can have a negative effect on a wrestler, yet Tanelli has stayed positive and feels like his confidence level never dwindled. “I’ve always felt confident when I’m out on the mat. I train hard and prepare myself to win, that’s just how it’s always gone,” Tanelli said. “I’ve never doubted myself for a second when I’m wrestling, whether it’s last year, this year or my first year wrestling, I’ve always felt confident in how I wrestle.”Tanelli isn’t one for pre-match rituals or getting “pumped up” before a match. Tanelli stays confident in his abilities because of his work ethic and the time he’s put in before the match. His hard work during practice has definitely shown through his performances. “I don’t worry about the match or specific things to do in a match,” Tanelli said. “Before I wrestle I’m telling myself in my head that I’ve prepared hard. I don’t cut corners, I do everything the way I’m supposed to do it, I train hard every day, and I believe that I’ve trained harder than my opponent.”Being undefeated and a ranked Division I athlete could get to a person’s head, yet Tanelli keeps in mind where he came from and how he’s gotten here. He wears the same shirt before matches that he did in high school in order to remember where he started.”I wear the same shirt, my T-shirt from my high school wrestling club, to remind myself of where I come from,” Tanelli said, “and I can look down and remember the work I’ve put in. It’s a reminder that I’ve taken steps and done things the right way.”The T-shirt is not Tanelli’s only constant reminder of where he came from. Assistant coach Donny Pritzlaff ran Tanelli’s hometown wrestling club. Besides being a lifelong coach to Tanelli, Pritzlaff is also his inspiration for being successful.”My biggest inspiration is my coach, Donny Pritzlaff. He’s one of the main reasons of why I came here. He’s been a guy I’ve looked up to since I’ve been coming up in the program. I started wrestling in sixth or seventh grade. He’s always been a guy I can look up to,” said Tanelli.”He’s a guy that on and off the mat is a stand-up guy and takes care of business, and that’s how I feel I want to be too. He is and has been my inspiration for a long time.”With the heart of the season coming up, Tanelli’s season from here on out doesn’t seem to get any easier.”There’s a lot of competition. I’ll see, hopefully, the returning NCAA champ in this tournament this weekend. I’ve got anywhere,” said Tanelli. “We take the wins, the losses. All this right now is all build-up to March and to be where I want to be at the end of the season.”As good as Tanelli currently is, he believes he can only get better, which is great news for the Badger’s wrestling program.”My goals, personally, are, if I’m not an All-American, I’m going to be upset. I’ve got a lot of work to do, I’ve got a lot of things to work on, but come the end of March, I want to be an All-American when the season is done,” Tanelli said.”I’ve got no direction other than up where I can go. I’m not regressing, just always progressing.”last_img read more

UMD welcome in Kohl Center

first_imgThe women\’s hockey team will face the UMD Bulldogs this weekend, a team it is very familiar with.[/media-credit]After a two week road trip, the women’s hockey team is back on home ice, getting ready to face division rival Minnesota-Duluth. Despite their struggles this year, the Badgers feel as if things are really coming together — they just need to be more consistent in finishing their games.The team has been dominant for stretches on the ice, consistently outshooting its opponents, but has not been able to walk away with as many wins as they hoped for. UW interim head coach Tracey DeKeyser thinks that the home stand against Duluth is timed perfectly.“I know we’ve had some trouble scoring,” DeKeyser said, “But if you look at the dominance of the play or the number of shots taken per game, it’s pretty clear that we should feel confident in the direction we’re going and people have stepped up and made contributions. I just think it’s a great time to be matched up with Minnesota-Duluth.”Bringing home two wins, a tie and a loss, the Badgers are still working toward the success they had at home last year.While the confidence is high, Wisconsin knows it has to face a talented Duluth team. The Bulldogs are fierce competitors and sit in second place in the WCHA, one spot ahead of the Badgers.“They’re speedy [and] they’re skilled,” DeKeyser said. “We need to make sure we hone in on particular individuals as we line up … and see what they have in store for us.”Wisconsin has a 9-5-2 overall record (6-4-0 in the WCHA), and outshot its opponents this season 565 to 391. Despite the advantage in shot, UW has been unable to consistently get the puck in the net more often to seal wins.With all of their dominating factors, the Badgers still have a record that does not seem to support their statistics. DeKeyser feels the problems fall in Wisconsin’s inability to consistently finish games as strong as they start them.“I’m not sure if it’s consistency or just finishing,” DeKeyser said. “We’re doing the right things. If you count the number of scoring chances for each game and the number of shots on net, it’s too bad we haven’t been able to put the puck in.“I don’t want the players to get discouraged simply because we haven’t been finishing, but that is our focal point.”The rivalry between the Bulldogs and the Badgers is intense — UW defeated UMD for the 2007 national title but fell to them in the title game the next year. While they sit in second and third in the conference, respectively, both teams carry formidable rosters that will provide an even match up. No extra motivation is needed to get Wisconsin ready for the series.“I’m quite sure there will be no need to try and motivate the players for this particular series,” DeKeyser said. “They understand the importance of these games and they know this opponent is a highly skilled opponent … I think it’ll be a wide-open game and playing on the big ice that should be fun to watch more so than trying to attack four people in front of their net. Hopefully that’ll be good for our players.”Kelter twins in lineupWith the soccer season over after an exciting run in the NCAA tournament, freshmen Alev and Derya Kelter finally take their places in the Badgers lineup. Although the team has had only a short amount of time to see what they can do, DeKeyser feels the girls have a lot of potential. The coach has already seen it from Alev Kelter.“True to form, kind of like her soccer game, [Alev] is a physical presence out there. She can go into the corner against two opponents and come up with the puck. We know she can do that, we’ve seen her play for the past couple of years and that’s why she got the nod and got some playing time this [past] weekend.”last_img read more

Facebooks opensource AI framework PyTorch is one

first_imgFacebook’s open-source AI framework PyTorch is one step closer to being production ready. The company announced what’s new in PyTorch 1.0, which is now available as a developer preview.PyTorch is a deep learning platform for everything from research prototyping to production deployment. It features a hybrid front-end, distributed training, deep integration with Python and an ecosystem of tools and libraries to support computer vision and natural language processing.The hybrid front-end is a latest addition to version 1.0 and will provide tracing and scripting of models from eager mode into graph mode, the company explained. A revamped torch.distributed library has also been added for enhanced training across Python and C++ environments. In addition, the platform is seeing support across the industry. Amazon’s machine learning platform SageMaker now includes pre-configured environments for PyTorch 1.0. Google will be providing PyTorch 1.0 integration across hardware and AI tools. Microsoft, who is already partnered with Facebook on the AI initiative ONNX, is providing support for PyTorch within its machine learning offerings. Other companies who have announced their support for the platform include ARM, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA and Qualcomm.“PyTorch 1.0 accelerates the workflow involved in taking breakthrough research in artificial intelligence to production deployment. With deeper cloud service support from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and tighter integration with technology providers ARM, Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm, developers can more easily take advantage of PyTorch’s ecosystem of compatible software, hardware, and developer tools. The more software and hardware that is compatible with PyTorch 1.0, the easier it will be for AI developers to quickly build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models,” Joseph Spisak, product manager for AI at Facebook, wrote in a post.PyTorch is also seeing a number of education providers get involved with deep learning online programs and courses. Udacity has partnered with Facebook on a free deep learning course that is taught on PyTorch. Fast.ai, an online education provider, has announced an open-source software library built on PyTorch 1.0.last_img read more