UN report on Haiti rape shows few prosecutions

first_img Share 18 Views   no discussions Share Share Tweetcenter_img NewsRegional UN report on Haiti rape shows few prosecutions by: – June 27, 2012 Map of Haiti. Photo credit: merriam-webster.comPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The prosecution of rape cases in Haiti remains bogged down, and justice is rarely served, the United Nations mission in the impoverished country said in a report released Tuesday.The study by the U.N.’s human rights section in Haiti, carried out with the cooperation of police and judicial officials, examined a sample of 62 rape complaints filed over a three-month period in 2010 at five of the busiest police stations in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. The U.N. report noted the sample was small compared with about 500 rapes recorded in the capital for all of 2010 by local women’s organizations.None of the 62 rape complaints went to trial more than a year after they were filed with police, the U.N. report said.The government prosecutor’s office in Port-au-Prince reviewed only 25 of the 62 cases, and ordered the judicial authorities to investigate 11 of them.Four of the 11 cases were dismissed, while the rest remain under investigation. As of December 2011, only one the 62 cases in the sample period had been referred for trial, but the trial had not begun.The U.N. report found other concerns.Prosecution proved difficult in part because there was no accurate information on rape cases in Port-au-Prince. There is no national database that documents cases of sexual violence, which means that data from the government, aid groups and U.N. sources are not comprehensive.The report’s authors said many records were destroyed in a devastating 2010 earthquake, which toppled thousands of buildings, including government offices and police stations. Advocacy groups have expressed alarm over what they say has been an unusually high number of rapes in the spontaneous settlements that sprang up in the capital and other cities in the quake’s aftermath.The U.N. report’s authors said police and judicial authorities lack even the most basic resources to do their jobs, such as computers, vehicles and furniture.They also noted that police officers don’t always tell rape victims that they should try to obtain a medical examination within 72 hours after an attack.But the U.N. report recommends that government officials ensure that police and judicial authorities understand that a medical certificate is not required to file a rape case. In Haiti, it is often difficult for rape victims to obtain medical records because they cannot pay for transportation or may fear retaliation.The report also recommends that the government set aside more money to agencies helping women such as the Ministry of Women’s Rights. Only 1.4 percent of the national budget was allocated to the ministry in the proposed budget for 2011-2012.A spokesman for the Haitian National Police couldn’t be immediately reached, and the government’s press office didn’t immediately response to a request for comment.Yahoo News Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Saints emails, lawsuits could be buried in church bankruptcy

first_imgIn previous court filings, they drew a direct parallel to the successful effort by The Boston Globe nearly 20 years ago to overturn a confidentiality order protecting documents produced during lawsuits filed by victims of Geoghan.That led to the resignation of the late Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who covered up for Geoghan’s abuses with the knowledge of five auxiliary bishops, including Alfred C. Hughes, who preceded Aymond as archbishop of New Orleans.“The public, media and law enforcement have no idea of the depth of Hecker’s disgusting crimes against children or the Archdiocese’s equally disgusting suppression of those crimes,” the filing alleges.But whether any of the dozens of clergy abuse lawsuits against the archdiocese will see the light of day is an open question.John C. Manly, an attorney who has represented clergy abuse victims through more than a dozen bankruptcy filings, said “it’s highly unlikely” the men suing the archdiocese will succeed in airing internal church records. Associated Press “They don’t want this story out,” Stocker said. “It’s so ugly that they knew what was going on. They’re trying to control their brand and image.” ____Mustian and Rezendes reported from New York.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 May 5, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditA bankruptcy filing by New Orleans’ Roman Catholic archdiocese freezes sexual abuse lawsuits and could help bury the details of alleged coverups of predator priests and thousands of internal emails documenting a behind-the-scenes alliance with the New Orleans Saints. Attorneys for those suing the church attacked last week’s Chapter 11 filing as a veiled attempt to keep church records secret, scrap a long-awaited legal deposition of Archbishop Gregory Aymond and deny victims a public reckoning that had been years in the making.“Those victims were on the path to the truth,” attorney Soren Gisleson wrote in court papers. “The rape of children is a thief that keeps on stealing.” The New Orleans archdiocese is the latest of more than 20 dioceses nationwide to declare bankruptcy, an action Aymond attributed to a “resurgence of the clergy abuse crisis” and liabilities of $100 million to $500 million deepened by the coronavirus pandemic. He said the filing would allow victims to be compensated directly through a “court-supervised process.”“There is not one single event or issue that prompted this filing,” the archbishop said in a video to parishioners. Attorneys for the men suing the church have already accused the archdiocese of understating the value of its total assets at also between $100 and $500 million. They cited an insurance declaration covering $2.1 billion in damages, adding the archdiocese “makes no attempt to explain this discrepancy” in court filings. An archdiocese spokeswoman declined to comment Tuesday. Aymond had been scheduled to give a deposition later this month in the Hecker case. Lawyers for Hecker’s alleged victims say they uncovered hundreds of incriminating records in discovery and still want a judge to make them public regardless of the bankruptcy. Saints emails, lawsuits could be buried in church bankruptcy “Clearly this is a focused effort to conceal the documents,” he said.Manley said attempts to keep the lawsuits alive are longshots because bankruptcy courts generally don’t want debtors to continue with legal action that may force them to spend more money.But Mike Finnegan, an attorney with Minnesota-based Jeff Anderson & Associates, said the bankruptcy filing pushes the fight to air the church records into the bankruptcy court, where the documents could be released after a lengthy process, possibly as a condition of a bankruptcy settlement.“There are so many people involved, and this is so important for the public and survivors, that the fight will continue,” he said. “I believe those documents will see the light of day, but it will be delayed by the bankruptcy process.”New Orleans’ bankruptcy reflects a strategy the church has pursued in other jurisdictions to simply “come up with a settlement and move on,” said Kevin T. Stocker, an attorney who sued the church in Buffalo, New York, before it recently declared bankruptcy. Among the most explosive legal fights now in disarray is a lawsuit alleging Aymond and his three predecessors systematically concealed the crimes of the Rev. Lawrence Hecker, an 88-year-old priest removed from active ministry in 2002 after accusations that he abused “countless children.”A recent court motion drew direct parallels between the church’s handling of Hecker and John Geoghan, a serial pedophile who molested scores of children during his 30-year career as a Massachusetts clergyman.The bankruptcy also freezes a court battle over a cache of confidential emails describing the behind-the-scenes public relations work New Orleans Saints executives did for the archdiocese in 2018 and 2019 to contain fallout from clergy abuse scandals. While the Saints say they only assisted in messaging, attorneys for the men suing the church allege Saints officials joined in the church’s “pattern and practice of concealing its crimes.” The attorneys contend that included taking an active role in helping to shape the archdiocese’s list of 57 credibly accused clergy, a roster an Associated Press analysis found was undercounted by at least 20 names.AP, which has sought the release of the emails as a matter of public interest, said in court papers last week that it remains unclear why secrecy is warranted for “two high-profile and quasi-public institutions like the Saints and the Archdiocese.”last_img read more

The opensource distributed version control system

first_imgThe open-source distributed version control system Git has reached version 2.13. The latest release includes features and bug fixes, as well as a brief security announcement. According to the Git team, version 2.13 fixes a git shell program vulnerability for those running their own Git hosting server. The release also includes SHA-1 collision detection to detect or reject any objects that show a potential collision attack; more convenient pathspecs; and conditional configuration.The full release notes are available here. Altova MobileTogether 3.2 now availableAltova is updating its cross-platform mobile development framework with new features for near field communication and text-to-speech. MobileTogether 3.2 introduces more than 18 new features for building data-centric mobile apps. “With each new release of MobileTogether, we’re adding powerful functionality that broadens the scope of what’s possible for app developers to create,” said Alexander Falk, CEO and president of Altova. “This version adds almost 20 new ways to deliver the tools end users need — and to delight them at the same time.”Key features include: the ability to access mobile device contacts, the ability to add text-to-speech functionality, new features for tables, and additional options for generating area, line and gauge charts. GDPicture.NET SDK version 14 releasedGDPicture.NET SDK version 14 was released. This is the first major release of 2017. All major features have been improved, and the release features new enhancements for other popular document file formats, including Office Open XML related capabilities and TIFF using Wang annotations. The major features that were improved in this release include PDF, TWAIN acquisition, compression, document rendering, document version, barcode recognition, character recognition and document clean-up.The new version comes with a redesigned rendering engine with the ability to display multi page documents in a multi page view mode. It also comes with a new class to handle fast document conversion, and the OCR engine has been improved to reduce memory usage. More features and improvements can be found here. Amazon introduces new device: Echo ShowAmazon introduced Echo Show, a new device that uses Alexa and comes with a screen. Amazon is also introducing new capabilities to the Alexa Skills Kit, and these developer features are coming soon for display and video interfaces as well as smart home cameras, according to Amazon. Expected developer tools for Echo Show will include the ability to build optimized display and video interfaces. Developers will also be able to choose from several GUI templates for their skill and optimize their skills for the screen, according to Amazon. In addition, developers will be able to check out Amazon’s Smart Home Skill API, which taps into Amazon’s standardized Alexa language model. Developers can sign up to get notifications on when these features are available. Apple buys sleep tracking app maker BedditAccording to several reports, Apple has acquired a sleep tracking app and hardware maker Beddit. Beddit created a monitoring device that tracks the heart rate, breathing and sleep time of a user when placed on a bed. According to the company, personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, and Apple said that Beddit users should see no changes to their application following the acquisition.last_img read more