NETIZENS BASH DPWH: ‘Never-ending’ repair of Aganan Bridge hit

first_imgAnother worried netizen, “VesperLynd”, posted on Facebook: “Grabe angtrapik bala, lalo na dira sa school zone sang Pavia, delikado sa ga-elementarynga mga bata. Tani may extra nga traffic personnel nga maga-assist.” Dino Tarrazona Masangcay agreed. Hewrote: “Bwesit ‘ni, kadelikado ‘ni klasetaytay.” DPWH started repairing Aganan Bridgeonly late last year although it had been showing signs of deterioration formonths prior – a regular occurrence since the bridge was expanded from twolanes to four lanes a few years ago. On the other hand, Edwin Portillo,posted, “Ayusin nyo ‘yan ha, kahuluya gidkamo sa DPWH! Engineers kamo o gin-gineers? Inubrahannyo daw iya sang hubog nga tawo! Tapal lang nga tapal obra nyo!” These constant repairs are makingpeople wonder about the quality of the bridge’s construction and its safety. Facebook user Aileen AgueroTigley suggested the repairmen do overtime work: “Kung ginadalian ‘ni, tani may naga-overtime man sang pag-ubrahanay. Pero pirmi mo agyan workinghours wala pa tawo…San-o ‘ni matapos ila ubra? Daku na nga abala sa tanan.”/PN Facebook user Manny Celis posted,“DPWH isa sa pinakakurap na ahensya kagobyerno…mga haslo…” A few years ago the bridge wasexpanded to four lanes following the widening of the highway going to theIloilo Airport. ILOILO – Can’t the Department ofPublic Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 6 work fast to finish therehabilitation of Pavia, Iloilo’s poorly-constructed Aganan Bridge thatconstantly needs repairing? Disgusted people have gone online to express theirfrustration. The four-lane Aganan Bridge inBarangay Aganan, Pavia links the highway from Iloilo City to the Iloilo Airportin Cabatuan town. Its closure due to repairs and the resulting rerouting ofvehicles have caused traffic congestion – a major inconvenience to people goingto the Iloilo Airport from the city and vice versa, and to those transportinggoods. Aganan Bridge is relatively youngthough. It was originally a two-lane bridge reconstructed sometime in 2008-2009after typhoon “Frank” destroyed it. No less than then President GloriaMacapagal-Arroyo was invited by then Pavia mayor Arcadio Gorriceta toinaugurate it. “Indeed, something is wrong with thebridge. Laging sumasayaw ang asphaltoverlay nya. Maybe they have tothoroughly check what went wrong,” posted Facebook user “Antares Wein”. What is currently undergoing repairare these two new lanes of the bridge although the other lane has also startedshowing signs of deterioration. “DPWH Region 6…sabat,” demanded Whoamie Del Cruz on Facebook. On Saturday, Pavia’s Mayor LawrenceAnthony “Luigi” Gorriceta theorized that aside from “old age”, another factorthat contributed to the damage of the bridge was the number of trucks passingit, particularly overloaded heavy vehicles. Some netizens sought explanation fromDPWH Region 6 currently headed by Director Lea Delfinado whose office had notsaid anything about the state of Aganan Bridge despite the public uproar. Another netizen, “Tor Tol” observed: “Pirme lang na di’ ‘ya may construction sa taytay nga ‘ni. Ubra nga ‘dimatapos-tapos. Hungod sa kalag?” Facebook user Jhon Paul Guamenexpressed his frustration, too: “Nauna pasa bulsa ang budget ka project kaysa sa i-gastos mismo sa project.” A netizen warned concerned governmentofficials of comeuppance. Posted Carlito Diaz: “Tama na…sobra na nga pangurakot. May karma bala.” “Never-endingrepair,” commented Facebook user Leo Pert Fandinola. Frustrated netizens suspected thatcorruption tainted Aganan Bridge’s construction. “The longer the construction, moremoney for greedy individuals and politicians both from the local governmentunit and DPWH,” a Facebook user with the handle “Polo Marco” posted yesterday. IN PERPETUAL STATE OF REPAIR. The Department of Public Works and Highways started repairing Aganan Bridge in Pavia, Iloilo only late last year although it had been showing signs of deterioration for months prior – an almost yearly occurrence since the bridge was expanded from two lanes to four lanes a few years ago. PN PHOTOlast_img read more

20th Century Fox has released the final trailer fo

first_img20th Century Fox has released the final trailer for the upcoming and likely final installment of its X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix. The trailer begins with the X-Men embarking on a mission in space to save a group of astronauts. However, things quickly go south as Jean absorbs the power of the Phoenix Force. From there, we witness as Jean’s relationships with her fellow X-Men, as well as Magneto’s faction, begin to break down. Jessica Chastain’s villainous character further corrupts her. “When I lose control, bad things happen,” Jean says. “But it feels good.” This leads to the X-Men attempting to take down Jean. They appear to be outmatched by the newly dubbed Phoenix, who manages to take all of them down with relative ease. The film adapts the classic Dark Phoenix storyline, first published in the 1980s, in which mutant Jean Grey is struck by a solar flare and transformed, returning to earth as the Phoenix, a being of pure thought. Dark Phoenix is scheduled to be released on June 7 Source: CBRlast_img read more