Engaging in energy literacy, Science World coming to Fort St. John

first_img“We will be presenting a live, interactive, engaging show on the science of energy that will take the participants through a series of demonstrations from where energy comes from… how it is stored, whether that’s in the water table, in plants that go into fossil fuels; how it is released and how it is transported,” President and CEO of Science World B.C., Bryan Tisdall explained.Some of the interactive demonstrations of energy one can expect includes Tesla Coil, a lightning bolt that shoots 1 – 2 feet into the air, creating an electric field that can power a fluorescent tube from several feet away; Lycopodium Fireball — demonstrating the energy that can be released by burning organic matter (wood, plants), creating a 2 foot fireball in the air using club moss spores, and Liquid Nitrogen — allowing you to see how the properties of materials change as they are immersed in -196 degree Celsius Liquid Nitrogen.Tisdall says while Science World is tied to the province’s LNG seminars, they are not looking to persuade opinions one way or the other.- Advertisement -“Particularly across the northern and north-eastern parts of the province, energy and more specifically natural gas is a very hot topic right now,” Tisdall goes on to say. “So what better way to reach people and impress upon them the importance of science and technology generally, and energy more specifically, than getting involved with the province and these seminars they’re presenting.”Tidall adds, “A basic understanding of energy and what it is forms the foundation for informed decisions, and whether folks decide to support or not to support various policies, programs, industries going forward is up to the individual – but we clearly want that decision to be made on an informed basis and that’s the role we believe Science World most appropriately plays.”The demonstrations were developed by scientist with PhD’s but they will be presented by Science World staff with a background in science, and in some cases, a background in performance as well.Advertisement “There will be some families with young children involved in some parts of the day, throughout the two-days there will be secondary students who will be visiting the seminars; there will be adults in the audience as well,” Tidall said. “So we need to have a group of presenters… who can adapt the message and the dialogue they will have to various different audience groups.”The presentations are being held at the North Peace Cultural Centre from November 4 – 5. The seminar runs on Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., and Wednesday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.last_img read more