Happy People?

first_imgThe reason this research into national happiness needs to be done now is that the first ever national elections are scheduled for spring 2008. The theory is that the data should inform the incoming government on what areas are important to the people.  Most of the duties of the king have already been delegated to a national assembly and cabinet of ministers and his powers will no longer be absolute when the democratisation process is complete. In fact, the coronation of the Oxford-educated crown prince (currently acting fifth king) will probably take place after the election, on a date to be decided by astrologers. The forming of political parties is becoming increasingly common, with educated individuals choosing to leave their jobs in the civil service or the media to become involved in politics. This phenomenon has resulted in an interesting situation in which only three ministers have chosen to stay out of the party system to rule the country until the election. Our meetings kept getting cancelled or delayed because the person we were supposed to meet had decided to enter politics. We talked to the election commissioner (who had just received registration applications from the two main parties) about these issues and discovered an astonishing fact. Having only been there a few days, enjoying the food and friendliness I had not completely realised that Bhutan is not a Shangri-la, a Tibet that was never assimilated, a land of spirituality and utopia. Despite the many water-turned prayer-wheels, the harmonious coexistence of regional administration and monasteries in the same building complex and the picturesque architecture and national dress, it is a country with very real peculiarities and problems. In fact religion brings its own problems when Western-style politics are on the agenda. Islam is not the only religion which has a ‘democratic problem.’ In Ladakh, the partly Buddhist region of Jammu, and Kashmir, India, they have experienced this with their Hill Council. A few Rinpoches (high lamas, sometimes reincarnated) got into politics and won landslide elections, not for any particular policy but simply because of the respect the population had for them. What the commissioner in Bhutan told us (and there was even a leaflet explaining this) was that all robed (religious) persons would be excluded from any political activity whatsoever, including voting. Religion, apparently, is ‘above’ politics. Taken at face value this does reduce the validity of the Bhutanese political system, but perhaps it is a necessary measure. One wonders what the reaction would be like in Russia or Italy were priests to be denied the vote.  After the election it will probably take some time before anything becomes clear concerning the success of their democratisation project. The apparent lack of corruption and the revenue from abundant hydropower are positive clues to what has so far been and looks like continuing as a success story. I would certainly be up for a heated discussion on humans being incapable of trying for something better. But then again, I am an optimist. Heid Jerstad visits the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan in search of temples, politics and the truth behind Gross National Happiness Young people these days are cynical, they say. The time of utopias is gone, wars continue, democracy becomes meaningless as political parties converge, religion is outdated and commerce reigns – so one might as well take that job with Goldman Sachs. But rather than give up on modern life entirely, throwing yourself into a completely alien culture and discovering a different, alternative way of life could be just what you need to regain some of your interest and faith in the world around you.This summer my normally stingy college granted me five hundred pounds towards making a six-day trip to Bhutan. This Tibetan Buddhist kingdom locked between India and Chinese Tibet set up a monarchy in 1907 and has ruled itself since, with India as its main trading partner and mentor. Wherever we went roads were being built by Indian workers with whole families splitting stones or shovelling gravel – and an Indian army soldier keeping an eye on them. I never actually took photos of this (being slightly nervous about what the army might think) but the sight of these low-caste women, teenagers and old men doing such backbreaking work as we drove by in our huge Toyota made me wonder why they didn’t use road machines. (I only discovered later that it is in an attempt to employ the poor, as was done in post-1929 America.) Before this trip was suggested to me I hadn’t actually heard of Bhutan. This says a lot, as I did an option on the Himalayas last Michaelmas and studied Tibetan when I was 16. In my defence, tourism in Bhutan has been heavily controlled and gaining access to the country is difficult. A visa can only be obtained through an agent, and visitors can only travel in a group with a guide and driver. There are beneficial side effects to these limitations too; much of the detrimental impact tourists have had on countries nearby (notably India and Thailand) has so far been avoided in Bhutan –  there is a complete absence of beggars, for example. Being a Buddhist country, all sentient life (and it is oddly evocative of Star Wars to hear men in robes talk of sentient life) is taken seriously – numerous stray dogs roam the streets without fear and the driver of our large SUV would always brake so as not to harm a bird or cat. Whether it really is compassionate to let animals live when they are obviously starving or ill is unclear to me, though dogs near monasteries always looked healthy and well-fed. The educated youth flock to the few emerging towns, attracted by the Bollywood glamour and high-status government jobs. But there are not enough of these to go around resulting in educated unemployment, while migrant workers from India provide manual labour. One industry that is supporting increasing numbers of young people is domestic film production, which is doing a thriving trade, having pushed Bollywood out of the competition in Bhutan without financial support from the government. We were guests of a filmmaker to see an unusually dark film about a curse, charmingly shot with cowpats littering the background, endless romantic songs and dance scenes and a dramatic suicidal ending. I went to Bhutan primarily to assist my father in preliminary research for a documentary film on Gross National Happiness (GNH), a fascinating concept which is officially a policy of Bhutan. Unsurprisingly, measuring the happiness of an individual or population is far from easy. Various books have been written and studies done on the subject but it remains elusive, certainly in terms of national policymaking. Conclusions reached concerning money and happiness never seem to translate into social policy. For research, we visited the Bhutan Studies Centre, established to do cross-sectoral research (i.e. think holistically about what each ministry has separate responsibility for) which is working on GNH. The only women there were secretaries, so I felt a little out of place, receiving endless snacks and tea while the scholars explained their work to my father. They are halfway-through their mammoth survey (although the results are yet to be processed) with around half of nine provinces covered. The 123 page questionnaire is delivered personally by the researcher and takes up to 8 hours per person. The idea is to discover what aspects of life are important for people’s happiness. For instance, would they prefer their virgin forest to be cut down and sold (likely to cause erosion and farming problems) if it meant they could build a secondary school in the valley or would that be a lower priority than increasing crop yields or developing cash crops? After all, the importance of crops in Bhutan should not be underestimated – there is even a large market in Japan for certain Bhutanese mushrooms which resemble Viagra. center_img The importance of religion is immediately evident once you arrive in Bhutan. Whilst visiting Taktsang, the Tigers Nest, a temple complex situated more than half a kilometre above the bottom of the nearby valley, we met two middle aged ladies with their sleeping bags and food on their backs who were planning to walk up and around the auspicious mountain, sleeping outside if need be. Pilgrims must be the original backpackers and these ones were very cheerful, if rather out of breath.So what of the population? Nobody actually knows how many people there are in Bhutan. Apparently (according to Wikipedia) the two million estimate given by CIA Factbook is inflated, invented because of a belief that nations with under a million people were not allowed to join the UN. The real number is probably closer to seven hundred thousand. There is a huge economic divide between the well-off urban population and the farmers who use traditional but labour-intensive methods on steep and remote fields. They seem to have found this situation acceptable until the arrival of satellite television in 1999, Though certain un-Buddhist and immoral channels were banned after a few years (MTV and wrestling – schools had seen a marked increase in violence) villagers still have access to a multitude of channels which of course make it clear to them what they are still lacking in thier lives, and shows a world where leisure seems to be the norm. New problems such as lack of family time and teenage drug abuse are side effects of this exposure, we were told. last_img read more

AR Printery golf on this weekend

first_imgAR Printery, long-time supporters and sponsors of the LGC, has committed to hosting a full weekend of tournament play to welcome back golfers after a few weeks layoff.Managing Director of the company, Ramroop ‘Cecil’ Jiwanram recently announced his presidential bid to contest the national elections with the Guyana United Democratic (GUD) Party and says that the development of sports is a key factor in Guyana’s growth.The dynamic print company, which is one of the largest in the country, is a staunch supporter of both golf and motor racing and will have their authorised race cars on display at the upcoming Guyana Open, scheduled for October 25-27.Jiwanram stated, “We are always happy to support the president of the LGC, Aleem Hussain, and the club since we count on his support in our other ventures. This year we wanted to do something extra for the LGC and decided that supporting two tournaments was the way to go “.AR Printery is located in Belair and provides top quality printing and design for every need, no matter how big or small. For more information on their services, feel free to contact them at [email protected] or 603-1250.The tournaments will be two one-day individual events starting today at 12:30hrs and continuing tomorrow at 20:30hrs.Prizes for the top three finishers in the 0-14 and 15-36 categories, along with nearest to pin and longest drive will be awarded on both days.After a few weeks of non-tournament activity, the sponsor hopes that its commitment to the LGC and the game of golf will be met with enthusiasm by the golfers and a large turnout is expected.Members of the public are invited to show up and spectate and learn about the game with lessons and equipment being provided at no cost.With the MACORP-sponsored lighted driving range close to completion, persons of any skill level will be able to participate in the sport as it continues to attract national attention.For more information on the game, LGC or activities you may visit them at Lusignan Golf Club on Facebook or call 220-5660.last_img read more

Warwick Bartlett: GBGC – Industry’s route to Brexit

first_img Warwick Bartlett Chief Executive of industry consultancy GBGC, details to SBC the potential effects of Brexit following further details of the UK’s EU departure presented by the government last week._________________________SBC: Now that PM Theresa May has confirmed that Britain will be leaving the EU Single Market, what impact do you feel the UK exit will have on the UK betting market and its stakeholders?   Warwick Bartlett: With regards to trading I doubt it will have any effect at all. In EU terms the gambling industry left the single market years ago when the European courts decided each nation could adopt its own gambling regulation.SBC: Following last week’s announcement, what early legal and operational preparation can UK betting operators and stakeholders undertake in order to combat potential ‘Hard Brexit’ impacts?WB: The major impact of a hard Brexit will be on the economy and how much disposable income the gambler will have to spend on gambling.  A further fall in the GBP, if we have a non-negotiable Brexit, will create more inflation which again will impact on margins.  Keeping costs down will be key.  But I am a little more optimistic than most. After 12 months of leaving I can see real benefits in trading with the rest of the world and I am sure we will have some deal with Europe on trade.  Not to do so is MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction.SBC: Is there any possibility of UK overseas territory Gibraltar maintaining any EU special arrangements that may aid industry stakeholder operations?WB: I watched  Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo on television recently and he stated eloquently that Gibraltar was strongly British and did not want that to change.  To say that Gibraltar requires a special relationship with the EU because it is at the tip of Spain is contrary to the previous statement, which is a confirmation of reality. I am afraid Gibraltar on this issue is not going to be able to have cake and eat it.  But I do sympathise with their position, they have built a big industry in igaming and they wish to keep it, why wouldn’t they?SBC: Should the UK proceed to depart the single market within two years, how do you feel this will affect the operational value chain of industry operators and service providers?WB: Very little.  Most of the providers already have offices throughout Europe. Take Playtech they are headquartered in the Isle of Man (non-EU) UK, Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Philippines.  If EU membership counts post Brexit they are represented in seven EU countries!  Those that don’t have representation might have to place servers in the country where they are licensed and have a point of presence. That could be costly, depends on the level of revenue whether it is worthwhile.  If the UK does manage to get control of its borders, then wages theoretically should rise, good for revenue but not good for control of overheads.SBC: Moving forward, from an industry stakeholder perspective what do you feel would represent a good break from the European Union?WB: Agreement not to contribute further to EU. Control of borders, continuation for pass porting for the City of London, although a passporting deal with the US might solve that, a trade deal similar to Canada’s with EU would be good, but EU have said they intend to be nasty to keep other member states in the club.  Ten years from now we will all wonder what the fuss was all about, I think this will end up with some fudge deal, it is the very nature of things when so many countries are involved.  What no one is taking account of is the shape of Europe itself over the next two years, will it hold together?SBC: As an industry, how can UK betting/gaming stakeholders represent their operational concerns to the UK government regarding Brexit? WB: With difficulty, because there are few reasons to complain and the UK Government is mostly concerned with finance and manufacturing at present, for a good reason, I might add.________________Warwick Bartlett – CEO of GBGC StumbleUpon Related Articles Share Submit Andrew Lyman – Brexit is no ‘doom & gloom scenario’ for Gibraltar gambling February 24, 2020 Share EU research agency demands urgent action on loot box consumer safeguards July 29, 2020 Smarkets tips Keir Starmer as new Labour leader January 8, 2020last_img read more

Carnival to resume cruises from Miami in August

first_imgCarnival Cruises has announced that it plans to resume voyages from Miami and Port Canaveral starting in August.The  cruise line made the announcement on Monday, stating that 8 of it’s cruise ships from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Galveston, Texas will resume operations on August 1st.The 8 cruise ships that will be operational are Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic and Carnival Sensation in Miami, Carnival Breeze and Carnival Elation in Port Canaveral, and Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Vista in Galveston.All other North American and Australian cruises will be canceled through Aug. 31 including those that were scheduled to take place between July 27th and July 31st.Guest impacted by any of these changes will be contacted by their travel advisor and will be given the option of a full refund, combined future cruise credits, or onboard credits.last_img read more

The Villages at South Hill: Charming Cottages are a Solid Investment

first_imgFacebook10Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Barb Lally for Rob Rice Homes The homes in the Rob Rice Community of Villages at South Hill in Puyallup are attracting buyers who want a home with uncompromising quality and long-term investment value.Unique to this community is its Legacy series or “cottage homes.” With low maintenance living and a reasonable price, these homes have become a popular choice for first-time homebuyers, military families, retired couples and professionals like nurses and teachers.These charming cottage homes include bungalow, craftsman and prairie style homes that are nested around a park-like green space creating community and convenience. The community lawns are fully maintained and the homes have welcoming and spacious front porches suitable for summer lounging.An Opportunity to Own your Own HomeWhether looking to retire in the much sought-after area of South Hill or seeking to exchange rent payments for mortgage payments, homebuyers find these quality-built cottage homes a solid investment for their hard-earned money.“They are perfect for people who have been renting a townhome or a condo,” says Heather Keating the sales manager at the new home community. “For the same monthly payment or even less they get into their own home and have a personal investment that builds equity up over time. There are also the tax advantages to homeownership that can save homeowners thousands of dollars every year.”Heather has had several military families decide to buy a Legacy home because of their low maintenance living.“Military families can move in for four years and then rent their home when they are transferred without having to worry about lawn upkeep,” says Heather. “The homeowners’ association takes care of it. If a homeowner is deployed, there are no concerns about lawn maintenance.”Heather has also seen many retired couples, often previous Rob Rice Homes buyers, who are drawn to the quality and convenience of the Villages.“One retired couple who lived here moved to Montana. When they returned to Washington they bought a rambler in a senior community but eventually sold it and moved back to the Villages at South Hill!”Upscale Features all in the Price of the HomeWhether buying a home from the Heritage series, the community’s larger homes on oversized lots or a cottage home from the Legacy series, homebuyers who pick their lot and purchase their home in a pre-sale have a choice of features that are considered upgrades by most builders.There are no extra costs for the choices in fashionable flooring and surfaces in the homes at the Villages—rich cabinetry finishes, handsome hardwood floors, shiny granite countertops, designer backsplash tile and stylish lighting—to make a home unique to a each buyer’s taste.There are more than 6 acres of open space to enjoy in this coveted community. It even has an off-leash community dog park and a fun picnic and play area. There are sidewalks for evening strolls that thread throughout the neighborhood.So much Convenience in One Lovely SpotMinutes from shopping, the highway, entertainment, city parks and cultural attractions, the location of the Villages at South Hill is ideal.It is a quick walk to Sunrise Elementary  and close to a brand new Group Health complex. The South Hill mall is only a mile and a half away and nearby downtown Puyallup offers its own adventure and ease in shopping.Close by is a YMCA, a nearby Lowes, and Pierce College. It is a short trip to Bradley Lake where there are acres of walking trails, a picnic area, ball fields and a beautiful lake.The Villages at South Hill is minutes from downtown Puyallup and the Sounder train. There is easy entrance onto Highway 512 and quick access to I-5. Even Seattle buyers are seeing the unparalleled value and moving to the convenience of a home in the Villages of South Hill.Find what you are Looking ForA new homebuyer, an employee of Microsoft in Redmond, explained why he and his wife are moving to this Rob Rice Community in Puyallup.“It is so convenient with easy access onto the highway and we can get twice the home here for our money.”His wife, who had done her homework asking friends and Realtors about the quality of Rob Rice Homes, is convinced of their new home investment.“We have been renting and looking for a home for a year and a half and made the decision to buy a home in the Villages,” she explained. “I was told that for quality and price you cannot beat a Rob Rice home. We are so glad he came to Puyallup. We have finally found what we have been looking for. Every small detail in the home is thought through. You can see it in the floor plans. It is not just building to make money. It is heart.”last_img read more

Hearing crying puppies trapped in a storm drain, A’s pitcher flies into action

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos or video on a mobile deviceIt’s 2 1/2 months before pitchers and catchers are due to report to spring training. A’s hurler Daniel Mengden already has nailed down his first save.Mengden was returning to his Houston home when he ran across a rescue in progress, MLB.com reported. Two puppies were trapped in a storm drain.“It was just kind of dumb luck,” Mengden told MLB.com. “I noticed some people were outside their cars, kind of …last_img read more

Glimmer of hope in Sudan

first_imgRefugees flee fighting in Sudan in May 2008. (Image: Irin Photo)The Sudanese government’s announcement of a ceasefire in Darfur would not alone solve a crisis that has lasted nearly six years and left hundreds of thousands of people dead – but offers a glimmer of hope, analysts say.On Wednesday 12 November Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir announced an “immediate, unconditional ceasefire” in Darfur. He called for an immediate campaign to disarm militias accused of committing some of the worst atrocities during the conflict.The pronouncements were among the recommendations of the Sudan People’s Initiative, bringing together government, political opposition parties and civil society to brainstorm solutions to the crisis in the North African country.Darfur rebels boycotted the forum and one of the most powerful groups, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), said it would not accept a ceasefire without a framework of agreement, declaration of principles and a timeframe for ceasefire.“Without that, we are not interested in any talk that is not going to be substantiated by improvement on the ground,” El-Tahir El-Fak, speaker of JEM’s Legislative Assembly, said.Observers said the success of the latest ceasefire depended not only on its implementation, but other political steps.Pagan Amum, secretary-general of the Southern Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), a partner in a government of national unity following the 2005 peace deal, said the ceasefire was a good start.“[But] declarations are not enough. Implementation is what is needed.”Amum said this ceasefire alone would not be enough to convince the international community to suspend Bashir’s likely indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, but rather, “a peace process, giving results and serious commitment”.While many are sceptical of just how genuine this latest commitment is, others doubt the promises made now will be kept if and when the ICC decides to issue an arrest warrant.PreconditionsA Western diplomat said the government had to meet a set of criteria in order to seek a deferral of the indictment: faster deployment of the UN-African Union force, Unamid, cessation of hostilities, a better environment for displaced people and humanitarian aid workers, and uninterrupted implementation of the 2005 comprehensive peace agreement.This ceasefire, if it held, would satisfy only one of those criteria. What is more, the president announced the ceasefire with a caveat – “provided that an effective monitoring mechanism be put into action and be observed by all involved parties”.“There are no forces that can monitor the ceasefire,” said Foreign Minister Deng Alor of the SPLM, adding that he doubted Unamid had the capacity yet. “The decision to call for a ceasefire is a positive thing, but then it has to be made to work.”Other Sudan People’s Initiative’s recommendations – all endorsed by the president, who said he would create a special committee to monitor their implementation – included the release of Darfurian political prisoners, individual and collective compensation, and increased police presence in the camps for displaced people.Darfur rebels said they were disappointed that some key issues were not nailed down, including the release of JEM fighters sentenced to death, making the three states of Darfur a semi-autonomous region, and giving the region a vice-presidential post.These issues, according to analyst Alex de Waal, were critical for Darfurians, “because they provide those cast-iron guarantees that Darfur’s wishes cannot be overridden by a national political system in which they are a numerical minority”.Bashir called on the rebels to come to the negotiating table and said he would create a committee charged with wooing them, but De Waal said: “Bashir needs to build a lot of confidence before he can expect the movements to respond positively.”Still, the analyst remained cautiously optimistic.“The most important reality today is that the denial and self-imposed political paralysis that have marked the Sudanese political establishment’s approach to Darfur have been decisively overcome … There’s a glimmer of hope.”Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Mary Alexander at [email protected]: Irin NewsRelated articlesAfrica: fast factsBetter government across AfricaUN, AU strive for peace in Africalast_img read more

Top 10 Ways NOT to Spend $12 Million on Marketing

first_img Advertising Back in 1999 a lot of startups burned through all of their cash on crazy advertising programs and marketing stunts.  Even though HubSpot recently raised $12 million in venture capital financing, that’s not us.  In fact, because we use mostly inbound marketing, we spend relatively little on marketing.  So, I thought it might be fun to think about the ways we could (but won’t) spend the money.Send 17 Million Pieces of Direct Mail.  There are a bunch of services where you can rent a list, they will print, address and mail a postcard for you for about $0.70 including postage.  There are 25 million businesses in the US, we could get rid of the 8 million that are not a good fit for HubSpot, and send the rest of them a postcard.Place 50 Million Cold Calls.  I found this service online that will make 1,000 cold calls for $250.  Well, I’ve got $12 million dollars, and I figure I should get a little discount for buying in bulk.  With 50 million cold calls, we could call every single business in the US…. twice.  How awesome would that be!  Talk about a great way to get the word out.  After just a couple weeks every single business owner in the US would know HubSpot.  Talk about buzz!!!Create a mascot and make it world famous.  I am thinking that we need to do something with the orange widget in our logo.  Give it a face and a name, and have it walk around and talk to people about marketing.  Maybe it could also be really snarky and sarcastic and make funny jokes about how lame most advertising is.  We’ll schedule some time with the creatives at our NYC advertising agency and then hire a director to film some short movies with our new mascot.  (Inspiration: Do you remember the Pets.com sock puppet?  It was a character that the startup created to market itself.  When the company finally went bankrupt, many people speculated that the sock puppet character was worth more than the company.)  Buy 1 Billion Pop-up Ads.  If you assume a $12 CPM for pop-up ads we could get a billion of them.  Imagine a billion pop-ups invading every computer online.  We could do all of the “best practices” for pop-up ads.  “Squash the monkey and win a prize.”  “Pick who will win, Obama or Hillary.”  “System message: Your computer is about to electrocute your mother unless you click this box and pay $9.95 to have the virus removed.”  I think the response to this would be huge!Start a Fleet of 5 HubSpot Blimps.  This would be cool.  We just pick the 5 best markets in the US for HubSpot and park a blimp overhead 24×7.  A blimp is about $2 million, so this plan still gives us $400K to pay for gas and pilots for each blimp (and you thought I wasn’t thinking ahead).  Everyone in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco would be wondering “What the heck does HubSpot have to do with a blimp?”  We’d be wondering the same thing.  But it would still be cool.   Put Marketing Devices Similar to Bombs in a City.  You all heard about the backfired marketing stunt in Boston from Turner Broadcasting?  Where they put electronic signs that got mistaken for bombs around the city?  Sure, it shut down a lot of the major roads and got them sued and they had to pay a ton of fees in damages to the city.  But talk about BUZZ, baby!  The stunt got them coverage in the New York Times!  All PR is good PR as they say.  And with $12 million we can place a lot of devices and still pay off a bunch of lawsuits.  Bring it on!The HubSpot NASCAR team.  Sure, there is not a strong connection between NASCAR fans and HubSpot’s target market.  But who can resist the lure of getting involved in one of the fastest growing sports in the US, especially when it is much more open to commercial involvement that other sports.  A cool $12 million will net us a lead sponsorship of a lower level NASCAR team, including our logo on the car, uniforms, using the crew in marketing events, and more.      Hire a Celebrity Spokesperson.  Want a great way to get people to pay more attention to your company?  Hire a celebrity as your spokesperson.  GoDaddy has Danica Patrick.  Accenture uses Tiger Woods.  I had a hard time thinking about who would be best for HubSpot.   But I think Oprah might be a good choice – she has proven she has staying power, and she is basically a self made marketing success having promoted herself for years.  Another choice might be Martha Stewart.  I’d just want to hear her say “HubSpot, its a good thing.”  But I guess the whole insider trading and prision thing might not be a positive for our brand.  If you have ideas about this, leave a comment.  I’m all ears.       10,000 Hours of Infomercials.  Have you ever bought a set of steak knives from a late-night TV ad?  What about a juicer or car wax?  And don’t forget any number of cleaning products from electric sweepers to miracle stain removers.  Do you dread your nights of insomnia because you fear it will cost you more than just lost sleep because the infomercials are too convincing?  Clearly we’re missing a big opportunity here.  I mean at 2am when you can’t sleep, you are certainly looking for some inbound marketing software.  HubSpot Infomercials, here we come!  “Get started fast with just 12 monthly payments of $250!  Buy today and get a Free Website Grader Report!”  Send 250 Billion Spam Emails.  Yes, 250 BILLION with a B, baby!!!  This is an even better deal than those cold calls.  I found this service online that will send 4,000,000 “opt-in emails” for just $200, and again, they discount at higher volumes so I should be able to get an even better rate.  Think about the effect this would have.  If we sent them all at once we could probably crash the entire Internet.  Sure, probably a lot of them would be blocked by Spam filters.  But some of them would have to get through.  Plus the buzz factor would be tremendous!!!  Pretty much everyone on the planet could get an email from HubSpot. Or every person in the US old enough to use email could get 1,000 HubSpot advertisement emails.  That’s one a day for three years.  Huge!  The best part about this program… they take credit cards online so I get 12 million AMEX points once I fill out my expense report.  Can you say 4 weeks all expenses paid in Tahiti?  I can!What would you do if you wanted to waste $12 million on marketing?   Leave a comment with your own funny idea.The Funniest Idea of How to Spend $12 Million to Market HubSpot will Win a $100 Amazon Gift CardPost your idea as a comment on this article.  The comment must be made by 12 midnight on Tuesday, May 20, and I alone will be responsible for determining what the funniest idea is.Update: Contest is Now ClosedThe winner is Pete from www.elrhino.com.  His reponse, and the accompanying Boston Globe article was the one that caused the most out loud laughter around the office.  Click here to open the full size version in a new window.  Pete should email me at mvolpe [at] hubspot [dot] com to claim your prize.There were lots of good ideas!  All the other tattoo ideas were good, the in person pop-ups suggested by Lisa Warnock were cool (and actually could be do-able on a small scale), and the awesome idea of HubSpot toilet paper by Darren Angus with the slogan “When you least want to be interrupted, you’ll be happy we are there.”  I wonder what Charmin would charge for that? Originally published May 19, 2008 10:36:00 AM, updated October 29 2019 Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Free eBook: How to Use Online Video for Marketing

first_img Download the 18-page eBook. Here are a handful of tips that are included inside the eBook: that walks you through the entire video creation process: Marketers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, build brand buzz, collect inbound links (which can help SEO), and build social media presence and reach.  Filming Technique: To show the perspective of a person listening to another person, use an Over Shoulder shot. To get this shot, put the corner of the camera directly behind the shoulder of the person listening. Lighting Technique: Avoid recording a scene with a window in the background. This will cause your subjects to be dark and difficult to see. full of suggested beginner and intermediate cameras, audio equipment, editing programs and measurement tools. eMarketer predicts step-by-step eBook Originally published May 11, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 that by the year 2013, 85% of Internet users (or 188 million people) will consume online video. The eBook also includes a Download the free eBook. Research company Promoting: Send traffic to your YouTube video immediately after publishing. YouTube rewards videos that receive a surge of traffic within the first 48-hours of being live by recommending the video to more viewers. To help you take advantage of video, we’ve created a Online Video Marketing Kit Video Equipment List . Topics: Want more? You can download additional resources on how to use video for business in our Video Editing: A video that begins suddenly (or loudly) can be jarring. Add video transitions like fade-ins and fade-outs between clips to add professional polish. This eBook is a great guide to learning how to create video from a business perspective. Use it to create great new video masterpieces that drive traffic, leads and business. How to Use Online Video for Marketing. Driving Business: Determine your video’s call-to-action when writing your video script. Video Marketing Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more