Greece sends note verbale to Berlin demanding war reparations

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greece’s Ambassador to Berlin delivered a so-called note verbale to the German Foreign Ministry, repeating a long-held demand for war reparations that date back to World War II when Nazi Germany occupied the country.A press release by the Foreign Ministry announced that the note calls on Germany to open negotiations on a “moral and material issue” of “great importance to the Greek people”.The Greek Foreign Ministry states that the claims concern damages and reparations for loss suffered by Greece and its citizens, for the victims and descendants of the victims. Germany is called to repay an “occupation loan and return the looted and illegally removed archaeological and other cultural treasures.”Greek Parliament had approved a proposal by a parliamentary committee to formally seek reparations from Germany for war crimes that are estimated to be at 300 billion euros.Berlin has already rejected the demand, claiming that there was no basis for reparations.last_img read more

Turkey has been shut out of the US F35A jet fighter program

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The US Pentagon last week reaffirmed Greece’s interest in purchasing the F-35A fighter jets while, at the same time, removing Turkey from the Joint Strike Fighter programme. The F-35A is a family of single-seat, single-engine, and all-weather stealth multi-role jet fighters.Ankara’s decision to go ahead with the purchase of the Russian Almaz-Antey S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft system has shut Turkey out of the F-35A jet fighter program.The US Department of Defence is close to confirming a handshake agreement with Lockheed Martin Co to cut 8.8 per cent from the price of its latest order of F-35A fighter jet. Each aircraft will cost around $80US million from $89.2 million under a deal inked in August 2018.Western Australian Liberal parliamentarian and President of World Hellenic Inter-parliamentary Association, (WHIA), Peter Katsabanis, speaking to Neos Kosmos, highlighted the Association’s work in influencing US policy makers.“Turkey is not a trustworthy ally given that they are trying to buy F400 missiles from Russia while, at the same time, wanting to be involved in the F35 program.”The Association’s President added, “There is much work that is going on in the US Congress, guided by our American members, including our board members who have been active in letting the Congressmen and Congresswomen, as well as their Senators, know that NATO needs real and secure allies.”The WHIA, says Katsabanis, is “a network of elected members of parliament, all of us of Hellenic and Hellenic Cypriot background, from various parties, and from across the world, from South Africa Argentina, Australia, US, Canada Israel from elsewhere, who promote interests across the globe that are critical to Hellenism.READ MORE: Greece and Turkey vow to ease tensions through ‘dialogue’“The WHIA has significant access to Ministers, Prime Minister and the President of the Hellenic Republic,” added Katsabanis.“Our role is to advise Greece but we also have significant impact on our parliaments across the world in promoting the interests of Greece, and Hellenism,” Katsabanis said.Katsabanis highlighted to the recent rebuilding of “deep relationships between the United States and Greece”He said that this happened over the last three years, and it is something that the Greek government, led by the left-wing Syriza party, “does not get enough credit for.”“The efforts our members have made in building those relationships, and in utilising them for strategic and economic advantage can not be ignored.”In relation to Turkey being shut out of the F-35A program, Katsabanis underscores the influence of WHIA.”It was no accident,” he said.He emphasised that Turkey needs to be brought back into the fold through dialogue. Turkey, he said, should reaffirm its commitment to democracy, freedom of religion and the values of NATO.READ MORE: Greeks voted best NATO pilots of the world … again!“The Western Alliance cannot have an unreliable partner who is buying a jet fighter from the US and then a missile system from the Russians designed to shoot that jet down.“It also leads to intellectual property being compromised in a global level,” said Katsabanis.The President of World Hellenic Inter-parliamentary Association added, “This is the strongest I have seen the geopolitical position of Greece in relation to Greece and its other partners key partners in the region Egypt and Israel”.Katsabanis praised Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s work in building the tripartite “relationship between Greece, Cyprus and Israel” and in turn the Greek socialist Prime Minister, Tsipras’ role in “strengthening the relationship with Cyprus, Egypt and Israel.”The potential customers for the F-35 along with Greece include Singapore, Romania, Spain and Poland.The Hellenic Air Force will have to make substantial adjustments to be able to maintain and support the F-35A given the nation’s economic situation.The purchase of 15 to 20 of the new all-weather fighter would take place over a period of 10 years.On Tuesday 11 June alone, Turkish jets violated Greek national airspace 99 times, according to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff. This was in response to annual exercises by the Hellenic Navy in the Aegean and the shutting out of the F35A program according to Greece’s daily newspaper Kathimerini.last_img read more

Ronaldo enjoys his family vacation at Costa Navarino resort

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Soccer legend and Juventus’ leading player Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Messinia, Kalamata to begin his summer holiday for 2019 with his partner Georgina Rodriguez for a family vacation at Costa Navarino Resort.The Portuguese player arrived at Kalamata airport on Wednesday afternoon on a private flight from Milan and then flew by helicopter to Costa Navarino.READ MORE: Mr Bean chooses Greece for his summer vacationThe Peloponnese has particular significance for Ronaldo as his move to Italian giant Juventus last year was sealed with a kiss at the same resort. At that time, speculation was rife about his next moves just before he completed a shock 100 million euro transfer to Juventus.A lucky place for him, Ronaldo is back for more family moments and fun in the sun.last_img read more

A priests heartfelt message of support to parents who are reluctant to

first_imgWhen Adelaide-based Greek Orthodox priest, Father Michael Psaromatis, posted a heartfelt message to his parishioners last Friday letting them know that he is fully supportive and perfectly aware of their struggles and efforts to bring their children to church, he never anticipated that within minutes parishioners from all over Australia would take to social media to express their gratitude towards his thoughtful gesture.“I am aware when you become red-faced, breaking out into sweats when your children start fidgeting and fussing inside the church, and I want you to know, that I have so much respect and admiration on how much you try to keep them quiet and calm during the church service,” wrote father Michael, aged 34, and one of the youngest, most forward-thinking priests in Adelaide.“I admire how you prepared you are when you come in, how hard you try and chase them down the aisle to nullify their noise and movements and I want you to know that I also feel your pain when I see those heads that turn in your direction and the eyes that roll, indicating a shameful dismay at the fact that you cannot keep your children under control and quiet when all you are doing is trying to participate in the Liturgy and hear the sermon.”READ MORE: “Mummy, I don’t want to go to Greek church”Father Michael Psaromatis with twin brothers Jordan and Samuel.Father Michael’s post sent a clear message to the rest of the parishioners to be less judgemental and more supportive towards young families who try and attend church services.“As a priest, I experience the inner bliss of distributing Holy Communion to little children, who are more worthy than all of us to approach the chalice of life. Your children teach me and us all with their innocence, that we need to become like them to inherit the Kingdom of God so let’s all take a moment to appreciate how blessed we are to have the young families and their children with us, actively participating in your and our struggle on the journey to the Kingdom of God. A struggle that includes seeing infants, toddlers, young children, whose parents are willing to brave the discomfort, inconvenience and stress of bringing them into Church, even if it seems completely futile.”In his heartfelt message, the son of one of the longest-serving priests of Adelaide, paid special tribute to the majority of his parishioners who are there to support the young parents and families and seek to assist where they can, sometimes simply by smiling at the young parents in an attempt to provide strength and courage to keep on going.“There are those of course who seem nervous, not because they are annoyed, but because they want you to feel at peace but aren’t sure how to physically help and so, proceed to pray for your family,” says father Michael pleading with young parents to build the strength and courage and continue to bring their children to Church.READ MORE: PM Scott Morrison: “May God bless the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia and may God continue to bless Australia”“Young families are our future,” he concluded, adding that “if you do not hear crying, the church is dying.”Postive reactionsSocial media users have since shared the priests message, congratulating him on having the courage to speak up about a matter that’s close to most Greek Orthodox young parents’ hearts.“I am the first to admit that I find it hard to be in church with my kids. I haven’t included my son for just this reason. It’s nice to know that our Fathers know we try. I’ve heard the clicks of tongues, the stares and the words spoken in judgement and it’s hard,” wrote a mother of three.“Before I was Orthodox and attended a church service where any noise of children caused horror, I often wondered; how can you possibly expect these children to be faithful in worship when they are adults if you refuse to welcome them as children,” wrote another user who recently joined the Greek Orthodox religion.“The children in church are a real blessing. We learn so much from them. No matter if they cry, run around or make noise. Seeing them kiss the icons, receive holy communion and witnessing the sheer joy in their faces is inspirational,” wrote another.“I needed this. It’s been so hard trying to take my newborn and his two-year-old brother to church service on a Sunday morning, but I really want to go so please don’t judge me. I am only trying,” wrote a young mother.“We are so blessed to have you as our spiritual guide and thank you for making us feel welcome despite the troubles our son might be causing inside your church from time to time,” wrote the father of a young autistic boy. To our dearest and blessed young mothers and fathers, Do not think your efforts go unnoticed when you come to Church…Posted by Michael Psaromatis on Thursday, 13 June 2019 Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Eurobarometer Greeks dont think their voice counts in the EU

first_imgA significant increase in young people with a pro-European mind-set cast a vote in the 2019 European elections, according to an in-depth Eurobarometer survey across all 28 member states. Conducted in the weeks after the elections, nearly 28,000 citizens throughout the EU answered questions about their participation in the European elections and the issues that motivated them to vote.A full report will be published by the European Parliament in September 2019, however the results have already been released.The survey shows that while 68 per cent of EU citizens felt that their country had benefitted from membership in the EU, 60 per cent of Greeks said they had benefitted – an increase of 3 units since the last tally. The other three countries that saw the least rise in the benefits were Britain (59 per cent), Bulgaria (57 per cent) and Italy (42 per cent).Only 30 per cent of Greeks felt that their voice counts in the EU, coming last in the survey along with Latvia and Estonia, well below the EU average of 56 per cent.READ MORE: Survey shows Greece is the least satisfied nation in the European UnionWhile most countries showed an increase in the turnout of voters to the recent European elections, the number of Greek voters dropped by one unit but the turnout at 59 per cent was still above the EU average (51 per cent). Only 14 per cent of Greeks said they voted because they were in favour of the EU, and 22 per cent said they voted in order to show their disagreement. Among all EU members, Greek citizens were the ones most concerned about the state of the economy (75 per cent).CLICK HERE to see the full results of the survey.  Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Surgeon who treated fire victims in Greece develops revolutionary lifesaving skin transplant

first_imgDr Greenwood, the surgeon who visited Greece last year to treat the Mati fire victims, has managed to save a 33-year-old man using a world-first skin transplant technique that he developed himself.The Director of the Adult Burns Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), used the composite cultured skin (CCS) technology that he developed in the skin engineering laboratory at the RAH and managed to save Burra burns victim Glenn Ogg, who survived burns to 95 per cent of his body after a house fire in early December 2018.In mid-January, the first batches of the CCS were ready and Mr Ogg began undergoing the surgeries to completely close his burn wounds.He became the first to benefit from Dr Greenwood’s new technique.The award-winning surgeon said the new skin, developed with scientists Bronwyn Dearman and Amy Li, was grown in a specially designed bioreactor.Mr Ogg also benefited from another cutting-edge technology known as Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM), also developed in Adelaide.“BTM works by not only ‘holding’ the burn wounds in a healthy condition, but improving them, for the five weeks it takes to grow CCS and was pivotal in the early survival and progress of the healing of Glenn’s wounds.”Dr Greenwood noted that in many similar cases patients do not survive, and when they do they usually depend on a ventilator for months, often experiencing severe kidney failure from tissue injuries.READ MORE: GCM President donates $40,000 to the Mati fire victims on behalf of the Greek Australian communityIn a comparable case reported in the UK, a patient spent more than 40 days in the ICU and left hospital after a year still unable to walk.But thanks to Dr Greenwood, just nine days after the accident Mr Ogg was out of ICU and off the ventilator with normal kidney function. He walked 28 days after the fire and has made a remarkable recovery in less than six months.Dr Greenwood made special mention of Burra Hospital, Medstar Retrieval Service, the RAH’s emergency department, intensive care unit and burns unit teams that helped see Mr Ogg out of ICU.“Every aspect of how these two technologies work together has seen Glenn not only survive but make a remarkable recovery in less than six months,” he said.Born in Lancashire, Dr Greenwood first studied medicine at the University of Manchester in 1985. He specialised in chronic wounds management and in 2001 began working at the RAH as the Director of the Adult Burns Unit. In 2002 Dr Greenwood led the Burns Unit in Darwin, which treated 67 patients in the aftermath of the Bali terrorist bombing. He personally attended to 47 of the patients in a marathon 36-hour shift.In 2008 he became an Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide’s School of Medicine.READ MORE: Renowned plastic surgeon returns to Australia after treating fire victims in Greece“Professor Greenwood is an inspiration to all. His dedication to the advancement of science and technology is applaudable and so is his passion for saving and improving people’s lives,” says Greek Australian Professor, Dr Filippos Lisgos who has been working as a GP in Australia and Greece, and is currently a lecturer at the University of Adelaide’s Medical School.“We, as fellow doctors and Australians, are very proud of Dr Greenwood’s achievements and his tremendous contribution towards the advancement of medical sciences.“Not only is he a brilliant doctor, but Professor Greenwood is also an incredible human being who is here to remind us the importance of giving back to the world.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Cyprus police search for three additional Israeli suspects in gang rape of

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Five of 12 Israeli teenagers arrested on suspicion of the gang rape of a 19-year-old British tourist in her room at a hotel in Ayia Napa have been released.The Cyprus court has extended the arrest of seven suspects for suspicion of having a connection to the incident. The court heard that three of the detainees had sexual contact with the British girl on the same night that the complaint was filed but that it was, according to them, consensual. They said that they knew the British girl from the club where she worked.The DNA samples collected from the scene were presented in court, and it was found that three of the samples belonged to none of the detainees. It is believed that there were others involved in the case that the police have yet to apprehend.READ MORE: Israeli teenagers detained in Cyprus for gang rape of British tourist in her hotel roomThe three other suspects are assumed to be Israelis and the search is on to find them from the hotel’s guest list. The police also offered immunity to those offering information.Meanwhile, there are Cyprus media reports that one of the videos filmed at the scene by the boys involved was leaked onto the internet however police have yet to determine whether the video is a hoax and if it is connected to the incident in question.The charges facing detained teenagers, aged from 15-18 years, include conspiring to commit a criminal act and rape. The British victim told police that the first suspect entered her room at 12.30am where she was forced to have sexual intercourse with the first suspect despite telling him to stop. He then invited his friends into the room, where they gathered around the bed watching and filming the encounter while laughing. Several joined in and others held down her legs. Some of the attackers did not use a condom, and others gratified themselves in her face.The victim succeeded in freeing herself and ran from the hotel room naked, followed by the accused. She met two friends in the hallway who immediately took her to a private clinic in the hotel and called the police.last_img read more